Binance Labs backs Zircuit to enhance L2 security with AI sequencer

Zircuit has recently received a significant financial boost from Binance Labs, which is part of the company that invests in and incubates startups. Zircuit is a rapidly growing innovation that leverages zero-knowledge rollups and comes with high-level security provided at the sequencer level in the form of artificial intelligence. This significant investment also reaffirms Binance Labs’ commitment to supporting innovative efforts in Web3 and fueling advancements in the blockchain sphere.

Zircuit is a relatively new L2 network that changes the approach to on-chain security. It adopted sequencer-level security and incorporates modern AI methods to protect it from intelligent contracts and malicious actors. By intertwining the rollup infrastructure with zero-knowledge proof, this structure delivers a fast, affordable, and compatible ZK rollup. Replacing subdivisions with circuits and unifying proofs enables Zircuit to demonstrate splendid performance while minimizing operational costs. Most of all, its hybrid architecture focuses on the protection of users regardless of its performance and compatibility.

Yi He, the co-founder of Binance and the head of Binance Labs was very enthusiastic about the investment. He said that Binance Labs is interested in supporting initiatives that explore technological possibilities in the Web3 sphere and contribute to the expansion of the blockchain space. However, looking at the security features implemented at the sequencer level, Zircuit is providing a very secure L2 network. The team also looks forward to hearing more from Zircuit in the years to come.

Actually, the volume of transactions within the Zircuit project has increased, mainly due to the planned launch of the mainnet in the summer. Currently, over 3.5 billion US dollars of assets have been staked on the network, and over one thousand one hundred apps have been submitted for its “Build to Earn” program. The project has attracted significant players like Ethena, Renzo, and, KelpDAO, Elixir, Ambient, Pendle, The LayerZero, and more as its initial launch partners. This can be seen as a high level of early engagement and partnership with the blockchain community towards Zircuit’s platform.

Dr Martin Derka, the Co-Founder of Circuit, describing the essence of the project, pointed to their experience in advanced scaling and security. He stated that they have laid down the technical foundation and are working to take innovation to Ethereum while making it secure for future users. Fuelled by their enthusiasm and commitment, Zircuit is thrilled to have Binance Labs on board for this mission to onboard billions of people to Ethereum.

The fact that Binance Labs decided to invest in Zircuit is a testament to the capabilities of this company in terms of significantly enhancing the security and extensibility of the blockchain. Due to powerful sequencer-level security and zero-knowledge proofs, Zircuit can potentially set new standards for Layer 2 networks. This not only addresses current security concerns but also prepares the blockchain industry for mainstream adoption by providing a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Zircuit is set to embark on its mainnet in the near future, and the growing number of participants and the vast amount of assets being held on its network are indicative of the confidence that the blockchain community has in the ability of Zircuit to deliver the needed value. Such prominent launch partners highly endorse Zircuit as one of the actors in the blockchain industry.

The decision made by Binance Labs to invest in Zircuit reflects the beginning of a new trend among investors, who focus on projects that will bring novelties and advance further the possibilities of blockchain. It remains essential for such investments as the field progresses and evolves to ensure the development of innovations and the stability of the solutions that can support the increasing number of users. By having the backing of Binance Labs, Zircuit has a reasonable likelihood of seeing its vision through – making Ethereum more secure and user-friendly for the following billion people.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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