Binance Labs & BNB Chain announce BIA to promote Blockchain innovation

Binance Labs-supported blockchain project BNB Chain announced the BNB Incubation Alliance (BIA) launch, pledging to assist early-stage blockchain projects. The alliance is a global movement that unites the top VCs, incubators, and developer groups worldwide for a 48-hour virtual event. The collaboration is focused on driving innovation and has made various resources, grants, and potential for investment available to startups. 

Application Process:

The BNB Incubation Alliance has partnered with various partners to organize international offline gatherings focusing on early-stage initiatives. These events are predominantly hosted by BNB Chain, Binance Labs, leading venture capitalists, and startup accelerators. Projects should be in the early stages of development and meet specific criteria, such as being pre-launched or recently launched. Experts will assess the projects and choose winners who will receive direct access to the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, BNB Chain grants, and Launch-as-a-Service packages. 


The BNB Incubation Alliance events schedule includes exciting sessions such as welcoming speeches, important keynote speeches, and interactive panel discussions. These sessions will also feature individuals from BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and other key figures in the blockchain space. Attendees will have the opportunity to prepare for their projects and ask questions during specific sessions. 

Following this, presentations and demonstration days will be held to present selected projects’ ideas and solutions. The event lets participants network with Binance Labs venture capitalists (VCs) and incubators. A festive gala party will wrap up the event, acknowledging and awarding prizes to exceptional projects.


The projects that join the BNB Incubation Alliance can get strategic partnerships, advisory help, and plenty of resources to accelerate their development within the BNB Chain ecosystem of services and products. This initiative is BNB Chain’s commitment to fostering blockchain talent and innovation. Future events featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, and a networking experience will occur in Brussels, Nashville, Singapore, Dubai, and Bangkok.

Anushka Basu

Anushka Basu combines journalism, market analysis, and research in the blockchain industry. She specializes in price analysis, market trends, and DAOs, excelling in thorough research on various cryptocurrencies. Additionally, she has experience assisting journalists from FOX Business TV, further honing her expertise in DeFi.

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