Binance Labs boosts Web3 future with Delphinus zkWASM investment

Binance Labs, Binance’s investment and incubation division, has recently taken a strategic step forward by investing in Delphinus Lab. The company is well known for developing the first open-source zkWASM virtual machine, which supports trustless computation and application SDKs. This is a significant advancement in decentralized technologies, as it allows developers to build zero-knowledge (ZK) applications using their preferred programming language and deploy them across WASM-compatible environments.

The inclusion of zero-knowledge proof technology into the WASM framework is an important leap forward in improving the security and privacy of applications. This breakthrough lays a path for more decentralized and reliable digital networks. Delphinus Lab has come out as an industry leader in zkWASM development, launching the first public open-source implementation of a zero-knowledge virtual machine that can easily be used with WASM. With access to this new technology through their platform, developers can build secure and efficient decentralized apps. To stay informed on other developments relating to zkWASM, people should keep up with Delphinus Lab’s Twitter account.

Binance Labs, a venture capital firm and accelerator under the Binance brand, has experienced major growth and is currently worth more than $9 billion. The platform has invested in 200 projects from 25 countries across six continents with an incredible return on investment rate of over 10X. Fifty of these projects have completed incubation programs provided by Binance Labs and are now successful businesses.

Binance’s co-founder and head of its labs, Yi He, expressed the company’s dedication to assisting initiatives that lay the foundation for the growth of Web3 applications. He emphasized the crucial part the zkWASM implementation by Delphinus Lab played in bridging the Web2 and Web3 landscapes. A new wave of developers is anticipated to enter the Web3 scene as a result of the introduction of this technology, which could lead to widespread adoption among both developers and end users. He expressed support for Delphinus Lab’s leadership in the zkWASM story.

WebAssembly (WASM), a potent virtual machine that enables code to be run natively in web browsers, was developed in 2017 by Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft. Due to its compatibility with numerous programming languages, WASM has quickly gained popularity among developers. Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM virtual machine is essential as an intermediary for trustless activity; it provides the capacity for feature-rich applications that can communicate across various blockchains via WASM smart contracts.

The zkWASM-based application rollup platform, dubbed zkWASM Hub, developed by Delphinus Lab, will continue to advance thanks to the investment from Binance Labs. For application workloads with programmable WASM extensions, this platform enables automated proving and batching services. Through its automated compilation and updating services, developers can easily distribute their applications from GitHub to the zkWASM Hub.

Delphinus Lab’s founder and CEO, Sinka Gao, provided details on how the zkWASM Hub works. With the introduction of this platform, WASM-backed applications can now be managed and deployed more easily in a dynamic rollup environment thanks to a multi-chain execution layer that is effective and efficient. Gao emphasized the platform’s goal of enabling next-generation Web3 DApps, combining Web2’s reliability and Web3’s lack of trustworthiness. It is anticipated that the partnership with Binance Labs, a significant industry player, will promote wider adoption of WASM-based applications.

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