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Binance Labs co-leads in funding Fusionist: Boost Web3 gaming

Binance Labs co-leads in funding Fusionist: Boost Web3 gaming

Binance Labs, which is the venture capital wing of Binance, turned out to be a co-leader in a seed funding round amounting to $6.6 million towards Fusionist, which is a Web3 gaming company. This is in line with the company’s vision of backing the initial phase of Web3 gaming projects and helping in doing its bit to create a healthier Web3 gaming ecosystem. 

Fusionist, on its own part, has been instrumental in delivering its sci-fi game trilogy that is a go-between management duplication, as well as calculated RPG and well-planned 4X games. The entire narrative is absolutely futuristic, depicting the year 2800. In this scenario, the earth has been portrayed as a planet in which life is unable to survive. Through this game, players are able to emulate commanders who have their tasks set out for them. They are required to identify houses where humans can survive and begin the process of human existence all over again. 

The game comes with properly crafted settings, along with collectible NFTs. There is also the factor of multi-gaming mechanizations thrown in. The idea for Fusionist is to be able to build an upgradable Web3 gaming arena and have a viable organic structure. In the first phase, the plan of the company is to release the game on the BNB Chain and, thereafter, reach out to further the Layer 1 network. 

According to the CEO of Fusionist, Ike T, it is a real pleasure to have Binance Labs playing the dual role of an investor as well as an associate and have its backing all the way. In his opinion, this will prove to be more than beneficial for them in being able to share a glimpse of the sheer potential their company has and the kind of results they are able to come up with. 

Fusionist has had an excellent growth pattern and currently boasts of having a community consisting of over 800,000 members over a period of just five months. The company has been instrumental in delivering three NFT series. They will also be providing absolutely unique gaming exposure where their users are concerned. Their plans are to bring together more prime Web3 experts and ensure a larger user base, and together lead the way into a more prosperous and better-standing future. 

At the present moment in time, Binance Labs is worth more than $9 billion. In its arsenal, there are over two hundred projects that have come from more than twenty-five countries around the globe. The company’s overall market position is much better than average, and that by itself speaks volumes. 


Where Fusionist is concerned, it is a blockchain-oriented gaming company that is into providing three games coming with collectible NFTs. The company’s primary aim and intention is to be able to provide a high level of upgradeable, as well as manageable new-age Web3 games for the sheer pleasure of gamers in all parts of the globe. Fusionist boasts of having fifty developers stationed all over the world to carry out the development of unique gaming-related products. 

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