Binance Labs invests in 9GAG’s Memeland native coin, MEME

Binance Labs recently announced investing in Memecoin (MEME). It is the native ecosystem token on Memeland.

The emerging platform is focusing on developing and promoting creator economies and SocialFi. Using the internet meme culture, it aims to connect communities and creators through NFTs and MEME.

9GAG is a name most internet veterans are familiar with. The popular vintage meme platform still racks up 200 million users every month. Given 9GAG’s status in the meme community, its new platform, Memeland, is set for massive user exposure.

Memeland has the backing of a group that has been making community-based products for over 15 years. Assisting every community on a worldwide scale in achieving ownership is its stated goal.

Besides the MEME token and NFTs, Memeland also offers different features and use cases. One is MEME Farming, with plans to add new services over time. These functionalities will enhance the user experience while promoting community engagement.

The features will include social networks for community collaboration, liquid ETH staking, and an NFT staking mechanism. Memeland is looking forward to evolving into a community-driven, fully decentralized platform where NFT holders can govern the Memeland DAO.

Binance released an official post to share information about the platform. The official collaboration between Binance Labs and Memeland is a huge milestone in the internet meme community.

MEME, the native token fueling Memeland’s NFT ecosystem, will prosper with Binance’s assistance. 9GAG’s Web3 venture studio grabbed the market’s attention after earning $10 million only 42 minutes after going live.


The amount was accumulated through the token sale of MEME. This was done at a time when 9GAG had not even released any viable use cases for the token. Now that Memeland is releasing more information, the token is expected to surge in value significantly.

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