Binance Labs invests in Open Campus to revolutionize Edu-Tech

The investment arm of the famous cryptocurrency exchange, Binance Labs, has invested $3.15 million in the innovative Web3 education platform Open Campus. This strategic investment aims to change the educational content industry through a new approach to earning using blockchain technology.

Tokenized educational content is the essence of the theory that underpins this project. The developers are starting a new chapter in the education sector by building an environment where people can benefit from publishing on Open Campus. For many, digital publishers’ NFTs come with higher incomes, ensuring that they receive a portion of the revenues generated by their creative material.

Open Campus, though not an individual platform, has a big footprint of numerous school institutions, educational and technology firms, and brand partners. Therefore, Open Campus acts as a significant gateway into the Web3 ecosystem for millions of authors and scientists around the world.

Another distinguishing characteristic of OpenCampus is Publisher NFTs. These are the digital properties that Web3 users take in exchange for their part of the profits generated from the products of art. Every revenue collected will be done using a smart contract, which should be proportional to every participant’s contribution. Similarly, users will have a degree of liquidity while using their NFT marketplace.

Open Campus’s method was appreciated by some prominent people connected to Binance. For example, one of the co-founders of Binance, Yi He, as well as the head of Binance Labs, praised this approach, stating that it is just a matter of time before Web3 tokens are onboarding through education. Binance Labs will be investing in such initiatives because they have the potential to shape Web3 adoption.

Open Campus is one of the pioneers in Edtech, and TinyTap embraced its distinctive philosophy. A well-known mobile application developer for kids’ content, TinyTap, partners with Open Campus to produce educational materials and Publisher NFTs featuring Care Bears and climate change. The affiliation exemplifies how Open Campus will encourage the widespread implementation of Web3 services such as rewards, tokens, and wallets.

Yat Siu, a co-founder of Animoca Brands and council member of Open Campus, highlighted that this platform aims to end centralized education and provide educators with digital assets’ rights. Binance Labs will help build, design, tokenize, and globalize digital learning and knowledge content across the Open Campus project.

Open Campus, like many others, has implemented Smart Donations. This implies you are eligible for scholarships and grants offered by native token EDUs and other networks. Open Campus is a $10 million project that will encourage professors to write tokenized essays in order to establish their authorship with Publishers NFT.

Thus, Open Campus is a light source that has supported teachers, curriculum developers, parents, and students in such unfavorable learning environments. It creates a collaborative environment where teachers and students create suitable and relevant learning materials. This also facilitates the emergence of opportunities for making money for teachers worldwide who value teaching as a way of sharing development information. It is considered a step to include blockchain in modern times. It could result in displacing the learning and understanding of production, sharing, distribution, and value in the contemporary cyber world.

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