Binance Labs invests in Radiant to lead the next era of DeFi lending

Binance Labs, an investment and incubation division of Binance, is putting money into Radiant Capital. It is a borrowing and lending service built on LayerZero Labs, which is currently part of the portfolio of Binance Labs. This venture capital round stresses Binance Labs’ dedication to backing revolutionary projects that are going to cause the following DeFi period in a user-oriented manner, not being restricted by any particular blockchain network.

Radiant has designed a cutting-edge borrowing and borrowing cross-chain service that allows customers to put money and lend assets across multiple blockchains. The current protocol works with more than 20 collateral possibilities, and as Radiant continues to broaden its features of cross-chain on other chains, new choices will become available based on community voting about parameters of Loan-To-Value and Oracle application.

Yi He commented that they search for projects in the DeFi area that could not just improve the trade but also break new limits. Radiant Capital has established its potential for increasing utilization by enabling swift transactions of cross-chain on Arbitrum as well as the BNB Chain. We anticipate monitoring Radiant’s growth and extra donation to the system.

Radiant is striving to reach multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks, reducing the number of transactions needed for lending, bridging, borrowing, and exchanging between these chains. Since its inception, it has become very popular and saw an increase in usage during 2023. It was named as the top borrowing protocol on the Arbitrum when measured by TVL (Total Value Locked) while also being listed as the fifth most used protocol of DeFi on the BNB Chain.

The money raised is going to be used to create more advanced technology and products that can help increase Oracle assistance, broaden collateral options, introduce Ethereum mainnet capacity, provide cross-chain liquidity, including dual emission backing, streamline repayment systems, and give total LayerZero messaging access. These developments are intended to make it easier for the upcoming 100 million consumers to get involved with DeFi.

The company’s aspiration is to create a DeFi era that is simple, safe, and straightforward for users. This will help the DAO in its goal of bringing fresh participants into Web3. I am thrilled about the partnership with the company of Binance as it delivers a wealth of knowledge, financial resources, and practical protocol support. Binance’s investment will be a great assistance in growing Radiant even more by allowing it to extend across multiple blockchains, expanding its reach, and pushing new value back to the system,” expressed George Macallan.

Radiant is working to bring together the disconnected liquidity in DeFi by creating a money market for cross-chain. This will allow people to take out loans and deposit assets over multiple networks easily. Additionally, Radiant’s providers of liquidity have voting power and the share of fees captured from a high-quality digital property like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, or stablecoins. To learn more about Radiant v2, you can follow them on Twitter or watch their introductory video.

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