Binance launches Binance Tax in France

Binance offers a huge relief to crypto traders, especially day traders who deal with thousands of transactions every year. The launch of Binance Tax in France gives customers a tool to calculate their crypto tax liabilities with absolute convenience. The aim is to streamline tax reporting for crypto trading at no extra cost.

The crypto tax calculator helps users save time and effort instead of going through all the transactions on the platform individually. Binance Tax is in its early phases with a few restrictions; however, it does a wonderful job of supporting up to 100,000 transactions on Binance.

The crypto tax calculator has been specifically designed with Web3 in mind. Meaning it has the capabilities to deal with the complexity and volume of Web3.

A comprehensive estimate of crypto tax obligations will be made available to the customers with just a single click. That’s how easy Binance Tax is at the moment. Developments in the future will aim to add more wallets and networks for Binance users. Another milestone to achieve is a geographical expansion where Binance Tax would eventually cross borders to go live in other regions.

Since the algorithm covers restricted types of transactions, users may have to make certain adjustments during the preparation. It is soon expected to get easier once the developments are rolled out.

Apart from making it easier for customers to deal with crypto tax liabilities, Binance Tax offers some more tangible benefits:

  • Accuracy in tax reporting
  • Zero cost availability

NFTs are currently excluded from the list, but customers can avail of the benefits of crypto donations, spot trading, and blockchain fork rewards, to mention a few sections. This enables customers to accurately report their taxes from the crypto sector. With the system doing the job instead of a human, time is saved a lot to be otherwise invested in exploring the opportunities of Web3.

Binance has made sure that Binance Tax is rolled out at no extra cost. With no intention to butter up, there is a possibility that another platform could have charged a premium from customers looking to access the tax calculator.

It is indeed a boon for Binance customers in France that the tool has been made available for free. It showcases the commitment to serve the community better while helping the macroeconomy to grow via tax collections.

With BNB as the native token, Binance makes available over a hundred cryptocurrencies for its customers, who may simultaneously choose to deal with more than 100 trading pairs. According to Binance reviews, the platform has made its name in the crypto sphere in the last five years of its establishment.

True, considering its offerings have been accepted and appreciated by everyone around the world. Binance Tax could up the game for the venture itself. With tax season approaching fast, the crypto tax calculator is sure to come in handy for its customers in France.

Scott Cook

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