Binance Launches Mike Tyson Mystery Box NFT Collection

Mike Tyson is a legendary name, regardless of whether someone knows about boxing or not. Now, Binance is promoting Mike’s legacy with its exclusive NFT collection on its marketplace. The collection showcases several artworks featuring Iron Mike alongside some rewards for buyers.

Currently, there are five NFT designs in the Mystery Boxes based on rarity. Here are the levels:

  1. Bronze [N]
  2. Silver [R]
  3. Gold [SR]
  4. Platinum [SSR]
  5. Diamond [SSR]

Every collected NFT means users earn the chance of earning additional Mike Tyson rewards and merch. 

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze NFT collectors will receive collector’s edition NFTs from Henric Aryee (renowned crypto artist.) The content of the collection includes three Mike Tyson designs with one exclusive design based on the rarity level.
  • Diamond NFT collectors will receive exclusive Iron Mike merch, like gloves, socks, shorts, gloves, and other items. In addition, they will get an NFT, which can be redeemed for the additional merchandise.
  • Platinum NFT collectors will also receive rewards similar to Diamond collectors. However, they will get additional special edition rewards autographed by Mike. In addition, their Mike Tyson NFT can also be redeemed for additional merch.

Once users have verified their ownership of the NFT, they will receive three free Mike Tyson NFTs. These non-fungible tokens will be airdropped throughout the year, and users with a minimum of one collection of NFT will gain exclusive rewards. This will also gain users access to the upcoming Mike metaverse and NFT launches.

Binance also released an official post regarding the NFT launch. The post also specified several terms and conditions related to the collection box. Users are expecting Binance to launch similar releases for other artists as well.

David Cox

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