Binance Launches the Market Maker Program for Better Trading

Binance announces the Futures Market Maker program to increase the high-volume activity and offers better trading opportunities for all the traders and investors. Binance is delighted to make the announcement and excitedly looking for the change by this program.

According to Binance, if a user has a better level of market maker strategies and has exceeded the 30-day trading volume to 1,000 BTC on the Binance platform, then the user is invited to join this program. A user can also join the program if he has similar volumes on other exchanges.

This program will be active till December 30, 2019, and limited to Binance Futures BTC/USDT perpetual contract. The market makers will achieve a score based on the volume and a set of requirements that they have to meet. Every two weeks, the market makers will be ranked, and a bonus of 100,000 USDT will be shared among the market makers with top ranking.

The composite score will be calculated by some factors like duration of the order, size of the order, time for market-making, volumes of the maker, and Bid/offer spread. It is easy to apply in this program by emailing the profile and proof of market-making volumes to the company’s email id or contact directly to the Key Account Manager.

There are many advantages if a user applies for this program like fees is not applicable for the market makers, high limits of API, divide a bonus pool of 400,000 USDT, and low latency connectivity and other support services.

Scott Cook

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