Binance Leads $5.5M Seed Round for Heroes of Mavia

Binance recently assisted Heroes of Mavia by leading a 5.5 million dollars seed round. The gaming venture will use the funds to enhance its game development, attract fresh talent, and promote the community.

Heroes of Mavia aims to revolutionize the NFT gaming landscape with its gameplay, mechanics, and monetization features. With such a value proposition, gaining the support of a platform as renowned as Binance can work wonders for Heroes of Mavia. If you’d like to know why Binance matters, users can read our Binance review.

As a play-to-earn MMO gaming title, Heroes of Mavia is set in a fantasy-centric space. The island where the story is set is called Mavia, and the players lead a base and use the resources to grow their army on the island. 

The game starts with players occupying at least one plot on the island. There are three simple ways to do so:

  1. By owning a piece of land
  2. By renting a plot from other players
  3. By partnering with other players to operate the land

With different options, Heroes of Mavia makes it simple for players to get started even with minimal capital. The MMO uses a dual token system, using MAVIA as the governance token. The token allows users to vote on crucial decisions, giving them a hold of Mavia’s future operations. 

Besides MAVIA, the game also uses RUBY as the in-game currency. Players can use RUBY to trade and upgrade within the strategy-based game. Bill Chin, Binance Labs’ Head of Investment, talked about the investment round.


According to Bill, as the play-to-earn gaming model is exploding globally, Heroes of Mavia will certainly become an AAA title in the market. With Binance showing such faith in the project, the game is bound to garner a huge buzz in the market.

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