Binance Receives Letter Of Appreciation From Kure City Mayor For West Japan Disaster Relief Project

Binance Charity Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Binance Chain has received a Letter of Appreciation from the Mayor of the city of Kure in West Japan, for its efforts in collecting donations for the West Japan Disaster Relief Project. Binance tweeted about the LoA, along with its report on the donation, titled “2018 West Japan Flood Donation Report”.

In July 2018, heavy rainfalls struck Japan’s southwest region, causing disastrous floods and mudflow. Within a matter, if days, over 8 million people were evacuated, over 23 districts/prefectures. About 250 people were reported dead by the end of July, and more than 17,000 houses were destroyed. The floods turned out to be Japan’s deadliest since the 1982 Nagasaki Floods, which saw about 300 people die. 

Binance Charity Foundation gave a public invitation for donations towards the floods and raised over $410,000 in crypto donations in just 7 days. Total donations collected stood at a whopping $1.41 million. Till October 15, BCF had donated over 63 BTC, helping more than 41,000 victims. In the report, it mentions,

Due to the immediate need to support the victims, the first donation was carried out with the help of the local supporter, Miss Bitcoin Mai. Binance has transferred 61.09 BTC (equivalent to 50 million JPY at that time) to her Bitcoin account. Then, she converted BTC to JPY and bank-transferred 25 million JPY to Peace Winds Japan and 25 million JPY to Momotaro Fund. The flow is summarized below.

BCF has carried a number of charity initiatives since its inception. From helping underprivileged children of backward nations to raising funds to provide female sanitary pads to poor countries, Binance Charity has taken initiatives in different segments. Receiving the letter of appreciation from none other than the city Mayor will only boost the foundation to continue its holistic efforts.

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