Binance strengthens its Georgia presence with a new regional hub

Binance has held events and initiatives in Georgia. A regional hub strengthens that presence and accelerates the crypto firm’s offerings. According to an announcement published by Binance, the firm will undertake activities like blockchain education, talent acquisition, and accelerating crypto adoption in Georgia after successfully establishing its regional hub in the region.

Also known as the Web3 Outpost, the regional hub can house more than 36 team members, out of which 25 are already working on the team. Binance aims to add more than 12 members to its team by the end of this year.

The development follows a series of partnerships and events by Binance in Georgia. For instance, Binance entered into a partnership with CityPay earlier this year. The crypto firm also announced its strategic partnership with GITA, short for Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency. It has further launched Binance Charity to support Web3 education dedicated to women.

In January 2023, Binance joined with Business & Technology University on the education front. This will be followed in March 2023 by educational partnerships with four other institutions: Georgian American University, Alte University, Caucasus University, and Kutaisi International University. Binance Academy, in conjunction with Binance, will support these institutions by providing blockchain-related instructional materials.

A series of community events covered by Binance include the Web3 hackathon. It was organized in association with GITA and saw a large number of people come together for a monetary prize and access to BNB Chain developer programs.

The hackathon also allows developers and BNB chain developers to network for future projects.

Having said all that, it is evident that Georgia and Binance share a crucial bond in developing the blockchain field. This is evident from the statement by Vladimir Smerkis, where Vladimir has called Georgia an important point on the map of Binance.

The Regional Director of Binance has also stated that businesses and the crypto community in Georgia are highly interested in developing digital assets in the region. Binance has hosted three community gatherings in Georgia, and over two thousand people have attended.

Giorgi Chagelishvili has called the opening of the regional hub a continuation of the dialogue that Binance started with the government last year. The General Manager of Binance for Georgia has expressed confidence that the regional hub will strengthen the development of the company’s recruiting program in the nation, adding that the regional presence will be the primary focus.

Binance has its operations functional globally, with over a hundred cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. BNB is the native token driving its economics with the community. More details about Binance and its operations can be read in our detailed review of Binance. The vision is to have global financial freedom where everyone’s lives can be improved.

A regional hub in Georgia is strategically important for Binance. It will expand regional presence and push a productive agenda for the country on an international level.

Scott Cook

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