Binance teams up with The Weeknd to extend tour in AUS and NZL

Binance has announced that it is bringing the tour of The Weeknd to Australia and New Zealand. It will be powered by Web3, the first of its kind, and organized in said regions between November 2023 and December 2023. Interestingly, The Weeknd, also identified as Abel Tesfaye, is most recently scheduled to tour South America in September and October 2023.

Tour, titled, After Hours Till Dawn, first began in the summer of 2022. It is apparently far from reaching the conclusion stage. Making this evident is the popularity that The Weeknd has across the globe. Guinness World Records have already termed him The Planet’s Most Popular Artist. The show is currently a huge hit in Europe and North America. South America is rolling out a red carpet for his warm welcome. Next to follow the schedule will be Australia & New Zealand.

The tour will be powered by Web3 in association with Binance. However, that is not the only unique characteristic that it has. Binance is assisting The Weeknd to host two different NFT collections. These are Souvenir NFTs and Tour NFTs, also known as SNFT and TNFT, respectively.

Both of them differ in terms of purpose and hence, the target audience. For instance, SNFT aims to go into the hands of those who attend the event in person. The Souvenir NFT acts as a keepsake in digital format, adding to the sentiments of preserving the tickets by fans. What makes these non-fungible tokens interesting is the fact that it unlocks opportunities for their holders, like rewards and VIP Access.

Tour non-fungible tokens are, obviously, separate from that segment and can be held by anyone, irrespective of their presence at the event. The availability of TNFT depends from one region to another. Those who are able to get them in their account will have a perfectly crafted, demonstrated artistic work depicting a blend of unexpected elements.

The Weeknd and Binance are working to introduce Enter The Dimension. It is a virtual world that allows fans to engage with The Weeknd as per their preference. Elements that light up Enter The Dimension are Dimension Puzzle Box and Metaverse Dimension, among others. Defined as revolutionary, the virtual world can be accessed by users to explore music and keep themselves entertained in other ways.

It is not all about how they keep things moving forward from a commercial aspect. The association also goes to the point where Binance donates $2 million to XO Humanitarian Fund. This pertains to supporting the global food crisis, also representing the social commitments of Binance.

Binance has also committed to direct 5% of the sale revenue from the NFTs to the XO Humanitarian Fund.

The Weeknd and Binance have partnered specifically for Australia and New Zealand. There is a chance of the partnership expanding its grounds to other regions.

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