Binance to List SuperRare with Multiple Trading Pairs

Binance will now allow traders to deposit and trade RARE on the platform. The exchange recently announced the listing, which goes live on 11th October at 6:00 UTC. However, users have to wait till 12th October at 6:00 UTC to withdraw RARE.

The listing comes with multiple popular pairs, including RARE/USDT, RARE/BTC, RARE/BUSD, and RARE/BNB. The announcement has piqued traders’ interest, so readers might want to check out a Binance review like this one.

SuperRare is an emerging NFT marketplace where users can collect and trade virtual artworks. The platform ensures that an artist authentically prepares every artwork. Moreover, SuperRare tokenizes the items to facilitate seamless trading on the marketplace.

RARE is the governance token customers can use on SuperRare to govern crucial sections. They can also use RARE to vote on proposed amendments and steer funds from the SuperRare community treasury. The listing fees for RARE are zero BNB, ensuring economic trade across the DEX.

The listing has helped Binance improve its token portfolio while its market value remains uncertain. Binance Coin dipped in value during previous multiple sections, standing vulnerable around the 320 dollars trend line. While the number is still 30% higher than its September low, its recovery seems challenging, with the bullish movement dying.

The coin also suffered from China’s double-down on the crypto ban. The PBOC’S (Peoples Bank of China) forbid foreign exchanging solutions in the country. It resulted in the BNB ending September at a 36% loss. However, despite such drastic performance, many experts expect BNB to reach 450 dollars.

Moves like the latest listing can make the job simpler for BNB. The Binance community has welcomed the listing, and SuperRare will undoubtedly grow with the integration as well.

Trevor Holman

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