Binance to officially open trading for CYBER and SEI on August 15

On its platform, Binance recently announced open trading for Sei (SEI) and CyberConnect (CYBER). The exchange will open the trading process on August 15 at 12:00 UTC. Within 48 hours of the launch, Binance Spot Grid will also enable CYBER/USDT, SEI/USDT, CYBER/BTC, AND SEI/BTC trading pairs.

As for Binance, the trading pairs to go live are CYBER/BNB, CYBER/FDUSD, CYBER/BTC, CYBER/USDT, CYBER/TRY, SEI/BNB, SEI/FDUSD, SEI/BTC, SEI/USDT, and SEI/TRY.

Binance released an official post and tweet to inform users about the update. The post stated that the Seed Tag will remain applicable to both SEI and CYBER. Furthermore, users will enjoy zero maker fees on SEI/FDUSD and CYBER/FDUSD trading pairs.

The offer will be applicable until Binance makes another announcement stating otherwise. The announcement also confirmed that TRY does not represent any digital currencies and is a fiat currency.

Binance made a similar announcement regarding SEI and CYBER in early August. The update gave brief introductions of SEI and CYBER, helping users learn more about them. SEI is an L1 blockchain that is designed for exchanging digital assets.

The network is curated to address user experience and scalability issues across mainstream Web3 applications. SEI optimizes the exchange of digital assets to offer universal functions throughout different domains, such as social networks, NFTs, dApps, gaming, etc.

On the other hand, CyberConnect is a Web3 social network protocol. It helps developers create social apps that let users take ownership of their digital content, interactions, identity, and connections.

CyberConnect has created three primary components, CyberAccount, CyberGraph, and CyberNetwork, to promote its use cases. Given the value proposition, SEI and CyberConnect bring to Binance, every party involved is expected to gain massively from the integration.

David Cox

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