Binance.US Urges Customers to Beta Test App on Android Device

Binance.US has broadcasted the news about the launch of the app’s beta test for android device owners, through an official tweet on December 25, 2019.

After the successful launch of the beta testing phase of Binance.US app for iOS owners on December 18, the exchange has now requested its huge client base, operating on Android devices, to take part actively in the beta test of its highly anticipated app and put in their efforts to test the worthiness of the trading application on Android.

The beta testers will be allowed to access the app during a specified period decided by the exchange. During the beta testing phase, the exchange will encourage the users to aid the platform in the identification of shortcomings of the app, if any like bugs, operational issues, or any other kind of hindrances. Binance.US is adamant about paying heed to the suggestions of the beta testers to recognize and solve the issues which might pop up and trouble the users after the widescale launch of the app.

Binance.US is the sister concern of Binance and is established to cater to the requirements of the investors hailing from the United States of America. The exchange platform has been quite active in expanding its operational capabilities in the past few months by offering a suite of new services for its investors. In November, Binance.US surprised its customers by allowing them to indulge in the purchase of their favorite cryptocurrencies using their debit cards. Also, in October, Binance.US confirmed that the digital assets held by the exchange platform would be secured by FDIC insurance coverage. FDIC serves as the government organization that safeguards the deposits of the customers.

Amid the success streak of Binance.US, there came a shocking announcement from, which halted the operations for its U.S customer base. The exchange platform seized the accounts of the U.S clients holding the stringent regulatory control of the governing authorities responsible for its unexpected action.

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