Binance’s P2E Binemon Integrates ChainLink VRF for Raffles

In a Medium post published on May 3, Binemon NFT game announced its new partnership with the ChainLink Oracle Solution. As per the post, the Verifiable Random Function (VRF) from the leading oracle solution will bring secure, auditable, and tamper-proof data to the BNB chain. The NFT game plans to assign this function to raffles and special events to ensure randomness when players open Binemon Eggs.

The need for oracle networks is getting bigger daily as the function is no longer limited to DEXs alone. Several emerging NFT and GameFi projects have also resorted to the ChainLink’s VRF and Keepers function to bring users a decentralized and transparent outlook. The Binance-based meme NFT game joins this list with a new partnership deal with ChainLink.

NFT games usually go for a Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomize the chances of winning within the game. However, managing the security of RNG solutions can be a hassle. While RNGs derived from blockchains have the highest chances of being exploited by miners and validators, off-chain API-based solutions do not give the expected transparency or proof of integrity.

After thorough research and reviewing many solutions, Binemon has decided to work with ChainLink for its VRF. This function is data-driven and supported by the reliable oracle networks of ChainLink. With VRF in place, the generation and verification of values are securely done on-chain, and the selection’s randomness can be tested at any time.

The Verifiable Random Function combines the unknown data with the oracle networks to create a key. This key will then be used to create a random number and cryptographic proof. A cryptographic-proof Integral to validate the random number, and they cannot be generated when the VRF is not secure. This way, the randomness of the values in the raffles becomes automated, and no one, including the Binemon Team, can tamper with the results.

The cutting-edge technology and solutions have helped ChainLink become one of the most sought-after oracle networks in recent times. ChainLink’s reliable and secure infrastructure helps projects across the chains to connect to external APIs without any fear of data tampering. The VRF solution has already found its way to several projects and games like Ragnörak, Project: Pigeon, and The God Panel.

The meme-based NFT game currently brings in several genres like Gacha, Idle, and role-playing games where the VRF could prove useful. A quick look at Binemon’s roadmap for the future shows that the game’s vision goes beyond the PVP and PVE types model. The GameFi project is currently working on a metaverse project based on its Squid Game Series.

With that in mind, Binemon will soon integrate ChainLink Keepers to automate the smart contracts for the upcoming metaverse and ChainLink Price for the in-game NFT Marketplace.

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