Bit.Country and KuCoin Collaborate for the KuCoin Metaverse

The Polkadot ecosystem’s Introducing Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network, a parachain atop Kusama, is thrilled to reveal its formal cooperation with KuCoin.

The debut of web3’s rebranding exercise with multiverse and the promotion of web3 acceptance by leading companies have their staff extremely ecstatic.

They jointly congratulate KuCoin Metaverse for joining Bit.Country Pioneer. One of the biggest crypto exchanges that allow users to purchase, sell, and exchange cryptos is KuCoin. For its 20M registered users, KuCoin Metaverse will serve as a focal point of the online community. It will be built jointly by the KuCoin community and published on Bit.Country Frontier.

Together with Bit.Country, KuCoin broadens its reach into the metaverse. Bit.Country will give their communities all the resources they need to jointly design a digital environment promoting a free exchange of wealth across borders. Bit.Country characteristics will be used by KuCoin Metaverse to improve community ties and change wealth creation.

For the sake of its community, KuCoin Metaverse will be developed into an original virtual environment. The metaverse will be built by establishing virtual land that can be split into properties that can be purchased or sold to participants. Splitting it up into a property parcel promotes participation and co-creation in the community.

Virtual land ownership is generated as NFTs and can be bought through the local KuCoin Metaverse NFT Market. The very first metaverse portal, Bit.Country, inspires communities to create immersive 3D manifestations of their brand identities. Bit.Country helps towns create their native metaverse to link their brands, expand their audiences, and spur economic progress.

Both the placement of the multiverse on the Bit.Country Pioneer Map and the property’s position within the KuCoin Metaverse have value. Both maps’ origins serve as the hub of activity. On the Explorer Map, KuCoin Metaverse will show up at the location (-2,-1).

Soon, Bit.Country’s KuCoin Metaverse digital land will be customizable. To create gameplay, marketing strategies, and encounters for their guests, owners would be able to design bespoke logic for their property. Growing metaverse traffic and promoting widespread use of user-created metaverses will result from enabling users’ ability to design engaging and engaging encounters. To offer users a complete set of metaverse capabilities, services, and land economy prospects that are intended for holistic community interaction, Bit.Country system has been constructed on its Metaverse.Network blockchain.

Nearly 20 million members of the KuCoin community will have a new way to interact with one another, take part in advertising campaigns, and interact with the ecosystem of the KuCoin Metaverse thanks to the KuCoin Metaverse.

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