.bit partners collabs InteractWith & brings innovation in the decentralized account system

Entering into the partnership is a way forward for every blockchain-based venture. The field is evolving, and players are still venturing out to explore everything that they can to keep the community aboard and deliver innovation. In a recent update, InteractWith published a Tweet to share that it has partnered with .bit for a better experience with digital assets.

Under the partnership terms, the users of InteractWallet will have access to a better experience when it comes to managing digital assets. As per the announcement, it is right to say that the experience would be more gamified and social. Making it interesting is the element of community interaction.

The users of InteractWallet will have the feature to interact among themselves. More details about the partnership between .bit and InteractWith can be expected to be made public in the days to come.

InteractWith is the building of InteractWallet and InteractDash. While InteractWallet has been covered in the recent development, it becomes important for the community to note that InteractDashboard is the next in line to have partnerships. Introduced on March 29, 2023, it comes to the community as a powerful tool that embraces modernity by giving all the latest insights to the members.

It also stands true to the spirit of Web3 by enabling users to integrate the functionalities of the upcoming internet segment into their application. It is easier to get started with users having a choice to view the tutorial and all the API documents. Analytics and features like Minter, Data Syncer, and InteractWallet are available at the opening site of the dashboard.

Probably because the launch is in its initial phase, but users can expect that the Feedback and Assistance sessions will be in play for a long time.

.bit dedicatedly works for the community through the creation of identities that are cross-chain in the Web3 sphere. The recent development for .bit follows an announcement wherein it has offered an exclusive role to a user who completes the tasks that have been laid out by their team.

Simple, actually, since users only have to follow its official Twitter account, retweet the post, and set a .bit alias. Users are recommended to link their wallets to seamlessly receive the alias NFT into their account.

It is engaging activities like these that have added to the decision-making of both ventures to enter into a partnership.


InteractWith has also done something similar in the past by announcing a giveaway contest. The difference was that it opened the door to the top 200 winners of the leaderboard to claim their fair share of the prize, which is worth $75,000. Accessible for community members only, others can get on board by registering themselves at InteractWith.

Details about the partnership between InteractWith and .bit are likely to be announced by the end of this quarter. Needless to say, this is a tentative timeline that is subject to change based on how factors play out for InteractWith and .bit.

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