Bit2Me Crypto Exchange Has Added Support for Shiba Inu Token

Shiba Inu Token Receives Support

Shiba Inu Token is currently running weak at all the places where it is being traded. The last time the token generated a profit for its investors was from the last week of October to the first week of November.

Despite the no-profit performance, it has received incredible support from the entire Crypto industry.

Bit2Me has become a top exchange platform to extend its support to the Shiba Inu Token. The exchange announced the update on Twitter. Bit2Me has vastly expanded its user base and has amassed popularity and positive opinions like this Bit2Me review

The Shiba Inu token had entered the Crypto industry to compete with Dogecoin.

What stimulated the Spanish-based Crypto exchange to list Shiba Inu Token was its ranking among the top 20 coins in the industry. This was complemented by the requests raised by the users who preferred to enlist Shiba Inu Token over other tokens.

Additional Highlights

The journey to get listed on Bit2Me has come a long way, especially if one considers how everything started.

Robinhood Crypto Exchange had earlier refused to enlist the token on its platform. The tides turned after Korbit came to its rescue.

Korbit is a South Korea-based exchange platform. The process to get listed on Korbit is known to be the longest in the world. Shiba Inu Token became the first meme coin after Korbit approved its listing on the exchange platform.

Payment services is another category that the token has touched since its launch. A few providers have integrated Shiba Inu Token into their payment networks.

Flexa Network gave the token a platform to be exchanged in the network of more than 20,000 merchants across the United States of America. The token now facilitates the payment services of Flexa Network in most of the major merchant stores.

Before Flexa Network integrated Shiba Inu Token into its payment network, it was Bitpay that positioned the meme coin into its network.

That opened doors for the token to automatically get into the system of AMC through its integrated services of Bitpay Gateway.

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