Bitbot vs. Sol trading bot: Which is the fastest-growing crypto in 2024?

In 2024, many investors anticipate a new bull run thanks to the Bitcoin halving event expected in April. This has led many traders to look at Solana price predictions as the Sol trading bot gains some momentum.

However, another trading bot with significant potential is in stage 4 of its presale phase and has already raised $640k. Bitbot, a Telegram trading bot, is set to become one of the fastest-growing coins in 2024. Read on to find out why.

Bitbot improving the Telegram trading bot sector with enhanced security

During February 2024, Telegram trading bots surged past $30 million in trading volume, according to Dune Analytics, and achieved a total market cap of almost $400 million, according to CoinMarketCap. These bots leverage Telegram’s vast community of 800 million users as a hub for information exchange. Unibot, Maestro, and Banana Gun are spearheading the automation of trading processes on the privacy-driven platform.

However, the rapid growth of these bots was met by a string of security breaches. Cointelegraph documented significant hacks, with Unibot losing $560k, Maestro falling victim to a $485k breach, and Banana Gun experiencing a devastating rug pull that wiped out over 90% of its value in just an hour.

This is where Bitbot, the non-custodial solution aiming to revolutionize how Telegram trading bots operate, is here to address these risks. With Bitbot, users can retain control over their crypto assets by storing them in their own cold wallets, transferring funds only after trades are complete. Collaborating with KnightSafe, Bitbot tackles the security challenges ruining the industry head-on.

Through KnightSafe’s advanced custody technology, Bitbot implements a groundbreaking approach, generating individual key shares distributed across multiple parties, ensuring no single entity can access a user’s complete security key. This innovative solution safeguards against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Bitbot doesn’t stop there. It protects users against fraudulent schemes with robust anti-MEV measures, preventing malicious bots from siphoning profits from Bitbot users. Additionally, anti-rug pull protocols eliminate any attempts to tamper with investors’ funds.

What else does Bitbot offer?

On top of enhanced security, Bitbot provides a wide range of services for crypto traders. Bitbot token holders gain exclusive access to a members-only alpha list, which gives them access to low-cap gems before they pump. 

The gem scanner goes through hundreds of active presales and displays the most promising projects that have the potential to succeed. This is a powerful tool because investing in a project early typically leads to the most gains.

However, suppose you’re a trading beginner who needs help. In that case, the copy trade feature can be beneficial as it lets you mimic the trading actions of the top investors in the Bitbot community.

Bitbot vs. Sol trading bot: Which coin is better for 2024?

Sol Trading Bot automates the buying and selling of digital assets, executing strategies on behalf of the trader. It’s inferior to Bitbot because Sol Trading Bot mainly focuses on integrating with Solana platforms. These DEXs don’t have anywhere close to the user base of Telegram, which Bitbot will tap into. This gives Bitbot a huge advantage, as it has the potential to grow much higher and faster.

Currently, the Sol Trading Bot (STBOT) has a market cap of only $1.77 million and, at the time of writing, has lost 53% of its trading volume in the past week. Compare that to Bitbot, which is very much on an upward trajectory, having already raised $640k in only four stages and has 15 total presale phases.

Bitbot vs. Solana: Price Predictions for 2024

While Solana has faced recent challenges, investors still view it as a high-potential project in 2024 due to its substantial market cap. Moreover, Solana aims to diversify its ecosystem to keep pace with the rapid growth seen in other cryptocurrency platforms.

Solana price predictions state it can rebound above $120, with potential for further gains toward $150 if the Bitcoin halving event triggers a bull run, as anticipated by analysts.

Although Solana has a promising trajectory, Bitbot shows better potential for the year. Having initiated its crypto presale on the 17th of January, 2024, at $0.0100, Bitbot has gained significant interest in its non-custodial trading bot solution. Investors are banking on Bitbot for substantial returns, drawing inspiration from the remarkable performances of other trading bots.

For instance, Unibot, a leading Telegram trading bot, surged by nearly 1500%, reaching $212.48 within a few months. With Unibot’s market cap nearing $53 million at the time of writing, Bitbot sets its sights on achieving similar heights.

Equally, Banana Gun is slowly regaining its value from its all-time low following a suspected rug pull, now showing a market cap exceeding $47 million.

Given these examples of the potential of Telegram trading bots, Bitbot’s superior offering stands out as a fast-growing project in 2024. With the support of over 100,000 followers on X, analysts forecast that Bitbot could yield early-stage investor returns of up to 100x in the next bull cycle.

Is Bitbot the next big opportunity of 2024?

Differentiating itself with superior security measures compared to Solana Trading Bot, Bitbot not only emerges as the premier investment choice within the sector but also holds the potential to secure the top spot in 2024 as the best Telegram bot.

Similar to Unibot and Banana Gun’s remarkable gains for early presale participants, Bitbot’s conservative estimate of 100x returns highlights its strong potential. For investors seeking a fast-growing crypto in 2024, seize the opportunity to get in early, as only 11 stages are left out of the 15-stage presale. The price has already gone up by 10%, and Bitbot won’t see these values again.

The time to join the Bitbot revolution is now. 

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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