BitCash Joins Hands With MoneyByte; Rolls Out Rewards Scheme

Serving the crypto community as a prominent decentralized stablecoin cryptocurrency, BitCash has made the announcement regarding its collaboration with a revolutionary blockchain solution, MoneyByte, which boasts of a suite of world-class financial tools. The integration between the two highly acclaimed projects, BitCash and MoneyByte, is likely to pave way solutions designed specifically for increasing operational efficiencies and enhancing user experience.

According to the official report, MoneyByte will provide mining equipment to the BitCash blockchain as part of their strategic partnership. This will allow users to make use of their MoneyByte ($MON) currencies to exchange for a certain percentage of the BitCash mining rewards. The newly launched scheme will enrich the customers by opening doors for a lucrative opportunity where they will participate in the BitCash Mining Pool to earn rewards without bearing the risk of purchasing the BitCash coins in real.

Important Features of The Rewards Event

  • The users who are willing to participate in the rewards scheme need to own a BitCash wallet address to get their proceeds as purchases will be done in MON while the rewards shall be paid weekly in BITC.
  • It is advisable to purchase more and more seats/shares for a week’s participation as the reward shall be disbursed in proportion to the number of seats purchased from the mining pool. However, the maximum seats that can be purchased by a person are 10.
  • The cost of each share is 20 $MON, making the maximum investment as 200 MON.
  • The users shall hold a particular seat for a week’s time only.
  • The seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The rewards will be based on 90% of the BitCash mined between Sunday 0:00 GMT and Saturday 23:59 GMT.

Scott Cook

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