Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash now Accepted at BookMauritiusHotels through BitPay: XRP, ETH, and LTC next in line

BookMauritiusHotels is a leading online travel platform specializing in Bookings and Reservation of Hotels, luxury serviced apartments, luxury villas, self-catering properties and guest houses in the big high market tourist destination of Mauritius. Recently, the company announced that it would be accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for the payment of their travel services via the major global blockchain payments provider BitPay.

With the potential to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, BookMauritiusHotels will be able to expand into international markets where accepting just credit cards is not practical. Payment options using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will also be advantageous to the company in increasing payment transparency and efficiency and reduction in high fares.

Regarding their decision, the company stated that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have proven to be a credible form of currency by successfully claiming their place as valid assets in online industries, thus earning their acceptance. Chung Ji-Yun, PR Executive at BookMauritiusHotels, says that they’re satisfied with this implementation which will allow the users to book their memorable vacation in Mauritius using Bitcoin.

This globally Decentralised payment method provides the convenience of making successful transfers without any assistance of a central processing system, between the users directly over the network. Due to this reason, BookMauritiusHotels now offers its services with the option of payment via cryptocurrencies.

Starting from March, this important platform of the tourism in Mauritius Islands, a major tourist destination, will accept Bitcoin payments. BookMauritiusHotels has taken some progressive steps by adopting the new digital world; analysis suggests that though challenging, it will be an interesting opportunity. In the times to come, cryptocurrencies like LTC, ETH, XRP will probably be an addition to this list.

With the use of BitPay, finance settlement can be made possible within three business days, depositing it directly in BookMauritiusHotels‘s bank account in US dollars or euros, thus eliminating any risk on the company’s part. For this push transaction, the exact amount of Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is sent by the user for the payment. Due to this method, risks and volatility associated with the traditional card payments such as credit card fraud or identity theft can be eliminated.

BitPay charges only 1% to process the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash transaction and settlement contrary to the high credit card costs. Sean Rolland, Director of Product at BitPay believes that BookMauritiusHotels probably realizes the potential and merits of cryptocurrency for the transformation of the online reservation process. By the adoption of this payment method, transactions can be made faster, less expensive and more secure on a global level.

Bitcoin blockchain makes the use of distributed ledger technology. As this is essentially an open, online spreadsheet, this blockchain gives the major advantage of incredible transactional transparency, nullifying any possibilities of fraud as every transaction is recorded, verified and stored. Another crucial aspect of blockchain technology is the inability to change what has been already recorded on the ledger, creating a highly efficient service with an overall winning experience for the customers.

BookMauritiusHotels has over 25 years’ experience in the tourism industry and is headquartered in Mauritius. It has served more than 30,000 clients worldwide, to date.

BitPay, founded in 2011 is one of the pioneers in Bitcoin and Blockchain payments. The company has its offices basically halfway through the world including America, Europe, and South America and has risen over $70 million from top investors like Founders Fund, Index Ventures, Aquiline Technology Growth.

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