Bitcoin (BTC) Marks a 2.5% Gain in the last 24 hours; Miles to Go to Touch YTD High

Bitcoin has gone above $10,400 for a while in the last 24 hours with the help of an almost 2.5% hike. But the coin now lingers at $10,300. It’s growth started at the onset of the April boom this year, and since then it has shown five huge price swings. Before analyzing the swings in detail, let us see the current data of the BTC now.

Current Statistics of Bitcoin-

Bitcoin (BTC) 26th August 04:12 UTC
Rank 1st
ROI (Return on Investment) 7,547.54%
Coin Circulation 17,897,400 BTC
Market Cap 185,112,397,581 USD
Value in USD 10,342.87 USD
All-Time High 20,089 USD
24-Hour Volume 17,602,910,479 USD

BTC to USD Price Comparison-

BTC Price Prediction

Bitcoin initiated its growth on 1st April after the crypto winter of 2018. Between 1st April and 15th May, the coin managed to gain 4047 USD and it pushed the coin from $4120.30 to $8168.13. It was followed by another hike of 78.86%, which took the coin to a high of $12982.72 on 26th June. But this growth was momentary, and soon it faced a price correction to be able to fall to $9416.35 by 16th July.

Between 16th July and 07th August, the BTC managed to grow by 27.65% and reached $12,019.80. The last swing happened between 07th August and 26th August that saw a 14.69% fall. The market cap on 26th July was 175,204,192,064 USD, and the value of each BTC was 9808.65 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin are respectively 5.65% and 5.44% up in comparison to the value of last month.

Bitcoin Price Prediction-

Bitcoin is way behind its YTD high, and it was just before a few days, the coin was roaming near 12,000 USD. So, according to predictions for Bitcoin, BTC is likely to get a hike very soon, and in the long-term, the coin will benefit its holders. The next probable resistance and support levels are given below.

Bitcoin (BTC)
1st Resistance 10292.49667 USD
2nd Resistance 10446.47333 USD
3rd Resistance 10588.32667 USD
1st Support Level 9996.666667 USD
2nd Support Level 9854.813333 USD
3rd Support Level 9700.836667 USD

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