Bitcoin Cash Association Offers Financial Support to EatBCH Campaigns in Venezuela, South Sudan

The Bitcoin Cash Association (BCA) has recently announced its new initiative whereby the organization will fund the two Eatbch charity campaigns in Venezuela and South Sudan every month. The BCA is looking to send $1,000 worth of bitcoin cash to the campaigns every month.

Currently, two Eatbch-associated groups help the citizens of Venezuela and South Sudan by feeding the hungry with food acquired through funds received from bitcoin cash donations. Bitcoin Cash Association’s donation of $1,000 will be divided between both groups. It is a good time to invest in Bitcoin Cash now and save for future benefits as per BCH Prediction.

The BCA team commented,
“We hope that this funding can provide a solid foundation that they can rely on. This will also have a direct impact on adoption in these areas, especially as the projects develop further relationships with suppliers that accept BCH as payment, and therefore aligns fully with our goal of global adoption.”

EatBCH is a new cryptocurrency-oriented venture trying to feed people by collecting Bitcoin Cash donations. It was initiated in Venezuela and has now spread to different locales like South Sudan, which are facing tremendous economic turmoil. So far, the venture seems to have been quite successful.

EatBCH had earlier explained that the economic crisis in Venezuela and South Sudan had put every family under extreme pressure, so EatBCH was finding its way to help where possible. ‘’This is how communities come together!’’ claims the BCH-powered charity.

According to BCA’s official announcement, “EatBCH initiatives exemplify the power of Bitcoin Cash to do enormous good in the world. We have had close contact with both parts of the EatBCH project, and we know how hard they are working. We are also acutely aware of the financial problems that the bear market can cause on a crypto-only project.”

The BCA has also urged major entities associated with the crypto space to render their helping hand to such EatBCH campaigns. To ease the process, BCA is developing a plugin for Electron Cash which will make these projects more transparent with their finances. This platform would be a completely open source for anyone using it.

Applauding the efforts of volunteers involved in the EatBCH project, the official announcement said, “You are all doing something very very special, and we hope that the initiative continues to gain momentum to help people around the world. Keep it up!”

With the help of bitcoin cash donations from the community, Eat BCH has truly become a peer-to-peer electronic cash-to-food system that’s starting to spread throughout other regions in the world.

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