Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash(DASH) & Maker (MKR) ride the bull; Indicates high chances of Price Upsurge

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/ USD) Price Analysis:

BCH Price Chart
BCH Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is still dealing at $322 with not much recovery. The currency is at the 4th rank in the crypto market. The coin was seen dealing at high digits during the beginning of the price drop. We are positive that the coin would improve soon. The weekly chart of the coin suggested a heavy drop in price. Let’s have a look. Starting from 13th August, the price escalated from $329 to $348 by 5.79%. On 14th August, the coin slipped from $348 to $309 by 11.08%. On 15th August, the coin continued the crop and slipped from $309 to $0.316 by 1.90%. On 16th August, the coin slipped from $316 to $309 by 2.24%. On 17th August, the coin moved down from $309 to $307 by 0.87%. On 18th August, the coin jumped from $307 to $317 by 3.29%. Today, the price kept moving up from $317 to $326 by 2.92%.

The traders in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are recommended to stick around. The investment in the coin is speculated to give a good response in the future. The upsurge is indicating towards upcoming price rally.

Dash (DASH/USD) Price Analysis:

DASH Price Chart
DASH Price Chart

Dash has always influenced the traders with its steady price movement. The coin has a loyal fan base of the coin is impressive. The weekly chart is reflecting a heavy drop but at the same time a slight recovery in the price. Let’s have a look. The coin opened with a downtrend of 2.57% from $104.15 to $101.48 on 13th August. On 14th August, the coin booked another fall of 4.81% from $101 to $96.6. The drop continued on 15th August too. The price fell from $96.6 to $94.7 by 1.87%. On 16th August, the price counters changed from $94.79 to $92.90 by 1.99%. On 17th August, the coin shifted from $92.9 to $91.33 by 1.78%. Yesterday, the coin picked up from $91.3 to $95.1 by 4.1%. Today, the coin shifted from $95.1 to $96.9 by 1.99%.

The recovery in the coin is speculated to last for a while. The traders in Dash must be aware of the improvement. We are looking forward to a price rally too. The interested investors should go for a long term investment plan to earn a colossal profit.

Maker (MKR/USD) Price Analysis:

MKR Price Chart
MKR Price Chart

Maker (MKR) is dealing at $510. The market cap is noted as $513,802,604 at 12:19 UTC. The coin is moving with surging price momentum. The coin is expected to move up in the coming days. Let’s have a look at the chart starting from 13th August. The coin opened with a fall. The regression marked was of 0.32% from $502 to $498. On 14th August, the coin fell from $498 to $429 by 13.89%. On 15th August, the currency started moving up. The escalation was of 13.03% as the price shifted from $429 to $485. On 16th August, the coin moved up from $485 to $518 by 6.87%. On 17th August, the price changed from $518 to $516 by -0.040%. Today, the fall continued. The price fell from $517 to $510 by 1.29%. Well, the coin would soon recover.

The traders interested in Maker should dig in for a short term plan. We are expecting a heavy price rally in the coming time.

Ruti Vora

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