Bitcoin Cash Gets Hit by 2.08%; May Find Resistance at $233

  • BCH falls by 2.08% in the last 24 hours and falls to 221 USD
  • The next resistance for BCH is likely to come at 233 USD

Bitcoin Cash has seen an overall decline of 2.08% in the last 24 hours; the value has been maintained slightly above 220 USD. BCH has been through three major price swings in this period and the range has been between 235 USD to 219 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis:

The first swing of Bitcoin Cash started at 00:10 UTC and in the next 3 hours, it scaled to 235.68 USD after gaining 9.12 USD. From there, it fell and lost a whopping 15.83 USD; the price reached 219.85 USD over the next 16 hours. However, it was followed by a marginal hike of 2.34%. It helped BCH to gain 5.15 USD and the price counter changed from 219.85 USD to 225 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Price
Bitcoin Cash Chart By TradingView

It should be noted that the value of BCH was at its peak, near 290 USD, just before 8 days.  From there, it has been thrown into volatility. The chances of getting back to its previous phase also seem dejected now.

Current Bitcoin Cash to USD price has been consistently pursuing the 20 days and 50 days average and it is likely to become one of the first coins to bring recovery at the earliest, find more details about BCH predictions by just going through this article thoroughly. The next resistance of BCH may come at 233 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels:

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
1st Resistance $233.5033333
2nd Resistance $242.2466667
3rd Resistance $248.4133333
1st Support $218.5933333
2nd Support $212.4266667
3rd Support $203.6833333

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