Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Will the value of Bitcoin Cash escalate with AT&T coming in the picture?

Bitcoin Cash seems to make a smooth way to the US telecom market. Speaking of the telecom market in the U.S, AT&T is known as pioneers in the similar field. And it seems that they are joining hands with BCH and Bitcoin. They are accepting Cryptocurrency as a method of payment with the platform names BitPay where the customers will be diverted to his platform for online payments.

Depending on the successful realization of the platform, the market will surely see some fluctuations. We are hoping that fluctuations will be in favor of the coin, but only time can tell what will happen. But the market will surely look up to the trending capital bringing delight to the investor’s accounts.

Till then, let’s discuss what the Bitcoin Cash price chart has to say about the news.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

At 9:08, the value of BCH is traded at $467.91 on 30th May. However, the Return on Investment is inked in red at -16.25%, but the traders are very positive about the trends of Bitcoin Cash. The ranking is still stable at number 4, which is why; BCH is catching the eyes of the investors. The market cap value is seen at 8,291,691,212 USD with 24-hour volume value at 2,985,354,773 USD.

Bitcoin Cash Price Comparisons:

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

However, the market from the beginning of the year is looking fine, but investors are still upset about the downward trend which one can notice from the year 2018. Everyone seems to be surprised by the downward trend which is followed from the first day of 2019. How is the trend going to change? Will Bitcoin Cash ever trade at $900 in this year?

We can analyze from the chart itself, that the market was dropped by 53% where $999 was a trading value last year.

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

In fact, since December 2017, when Bitcoin Cash was introduced, the market has seen the downward trend mostly. However, it is good for investors looking for short-term capital, but they are hoping to see the upward trend soon.

However, with AT&T coming in the picture and bringing Bitcoin Cash as the payment mode for their customers, an investor will surely catch their eyes on the trending value.

Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions:

The investors can decide their resistance level at $469.52 and support level at $407. We cannot expect the value to surge up to $600 for now, but within a year it can reach up to that level. Investors are not convinced with long term capital plan with Bitcoin Cash, but they are keen to notice the intra-day result of the trade. For more details on the price prediction, just go and click on the Bitcoin Cash Price Forecast page to know further updates as per future prospective.


This coin might not give you good returns in the long term but can change your figures in short-term investment. But if you are early investor, you might want to start with the less volatile coin; otherwise, you might end up burning your fingers with BCH initially. It is important to be updated about every bit and piece news about this family before you knock their door. So be careful with your capital invested in Bitcoin Cash!

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