Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Recovery Around the corner

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seems to be dropping for now, but the coin has great potential to recover and bounce back. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, along with many coins, are bullish in nature at present. The coin might not be raving in the market but is maintaining a minimal profit. The momentum in price s expected to take a flourishing turn in some time.

When concerned with today’s movements, BCH is uptrending with its prices in the market. The coin has anchored many altcoins in the market and the coins which were already bullish have slightly improved. The same is expected to remain for the rest of the day.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis:

The price chart of BCH is taken from Trading View on 4th July 2019, at 08:53: 50 UTC for price analysis.

BCH Price Chart - 4 July
BCH Price Chart

Summary of the statistics:

  • The current trading price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is $418.6.
  • The 24hr volume of BCH stands at $1,796,200,856.
  • The market cap is marked at $7,401,927,462.
  • The circulating supply is at 17,872,988 BCH.
  • The coin is at the 5th rank in the crypto market.
  • The return on investment is marked at -25.50%.

The coin has registered a price drop in the last 5 days. The price of the coin on 29th June was $432.3. The coin booked a fall of 4.94% from $432 to $411. However, the coin closed with an upsurge of 2.65% and closed at $443. On 30th June, the coin fell with a huge number of 10.73% from $446 to $398. The first day of July marked a hike of 5.56%, where the price changed from $398 to $420. On 2nd July, the coin touched the lowest in the five days at $382, marking an intraday loss was of 2.04% as the price changed from $420 to $411. On 3rd July, the coin booked a progression of 2.63% as the price moved up from $411 to $422.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction and Conclusion:

According to BCH Prediction, Bitcoin Cash is expected to cross a higher level sooner or later. The long-term and short-term investment in the coin would result in giving. However, long-term investors will draw more dividends as compared to traders. It is also expected that the price of BCH will rise in future.

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