Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash Recovers From The Temporary Fall

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has recovered from the temporary 20 USD fall.
  • The target remains unchanged at 850 USD.

The impact of Bitcoin (BTC) on the market is huge, but as other coins are developing themselves, they are now becoming more empowered to avert the impact. As we have predicted earlier, yesterday’s fall was temporary. The coin not only could recover from the fallen point, but it also gained a huge amount over that price. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now nearing the previous 400 USD price level. But recently there were apprehensions about the centralization of the operation of the coin by some users. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) needs to step in to mitigate the fear in order to play safely on a long-term. We predict a bullish year ahead for BCH, and the value is likely to be traded around 850 USD by the end of this year. Let us look at the current details of the coin.

Bitcoin Cash Price Current Statistics-

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart - 11 June

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 11th June 02:44 UTC
Rank 5th
Bitcoin Cash ROI -29.51%
Circulating Supply 17,831,238 BCH
Market Cap 6,990,456,636 USD
Value in USD 390.60 USD
Value in BTC 0.04927298 BTC
24h Volume 1,530,331,874 USD

Bitcoin Cash Price Comparison-

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was performing with instability and at a low price since the starting of the year until the onset of April. The April boom pushed the coin to beyond 300 USD price level, giving an almost 100% inflation. But the growth was not sustainable. The coin fell again losing one-fourth of its value over 22 days. The coin again gained strength and reached 400 USD price point in the next 16 days. The market cap on 11th May was 5,279,935,077 USD, and the value of each coin stood at 337.08 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin are respectively 32.39% and 15.87% more than the figures for last month.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction-

By going through CryptoNewsZ’s BCH Price Prediction, you will get to know all the latest insights about the bullish trend that occurs in the crypto world. As the temporary fall has been recovered, the recent price of the coin is going to increase further.. With few ups and downs, the coin is likely to roam around 850 USD by the end of this year.


Long-term investing will give unmatchable profits. The investors need to be cautious of the steep and sudden price movements.

Scott Cook

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