Bitcoin Cash Price Recovery Remains Moderate

Bitcoin Cash is dealing with a downtrend from the past few days. The traders of the coin are eagerly waiting for an upsurge as the trend of the market has badly affected the coin. BCH is a high potential cryptocurrency. In the past, the coin has given some amazing results to the traders. The same might return, but it might take some time as the market is way too volatile.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

Yesterday, the BCH coin started dealing at $292.56. The price dropped to $283.84 by 2.98% within the first few hours. The price improved and went up to $288.35. The Bitcoin Cash price slipped to $270.116 by 6.29%. Then, it records a slight improvement that escalated the BCH price to $281.76 by 4.31%. At the time of closing hours, it slipped again to $276.013 by 2.02%. The intraday movement in the coin reflected a fall of 5.67%. Today, the coin is seen recovering. The counters changed from $276.013 to $282.157 by 2.23%.

Bitcoin Cash Price
BCH Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin Cash price holds high anticipation of price surge. The market is seen falling from the third quarter. However, if we keenly observe the movement of the coin, it has started improving.

The intraday traders can expect the coin to keep improving. The chances of profitable closing are still thin, but the improvement in the momentum would help the BCH coin to improve at large.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $290 S1 $269
R2 $302 S2 $261
R3 $310 S3 $249

Bitcoin Cash is recommended for long-term traders. The specified period would bring a colossal profit to the traders. To know more in detail about BCH Price Prediction, you can check the CryptoNewsZ forecast page to learn about the Bitcoin Cash price trend, its future price & market value.

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