Bitcoin Cats announces partnership with DWF Labs

Bitcoin Cats has announced its strategic partnership with DWF Labs. The partnership’s objective is to create an ecosystem that houses some of the most interesting upcoming gaming and entertainment elements. The ecosystem will be built on the networks of Bitcoin and EVM.

Although the immediate impact of the announcement on Bitcoin Cats and DWF Labs remains uncertain, its influence has evidently manifested itself on Bitcoin. The network’s acknowledgment in the announcement has provided some solace to its community, whose members are currently witnessing a resurgence in the value of tokens subsequent to enduring an unforeseen descent in the cryptocurrency market.

BTC was last seen exchanging hands at $46,937.48, a jump of 1.69% in the last 24 hours.

The development comes days after Bitcoin Cats shared details about its $1CAT Golden Shovel Program. It encourages participants to stake $1CAT tokens to earn tokens from the partners within the ecosystem. This is in alignment with collaborating with a wide variety of Web3 projects.

$1CAT serves as a core asset for the program. With the announcement of the program, the same token is posed to serve as a golden shovel for the entire ecosystem. Moving forward, the team is working to integrate the shovel into the game mechanics of Bitcoin Cats. This will empower participants to accumulate diversified rewards.

The first collaboration of Bitcoin Cats under the program is with BitLand. Participants can stake their $1CAT to farm $BLLB. The association will run for two months, which is enough to enable them to earn a share of 500M $BLLB. That represents 5% of the total supply.

Bitcoin Cats has further announced details about Bitcoin Cats NFT. The collection consists of 10,000 cat artworks that have been defined as unique and highly pixelated. The collection has been launched on Bitcoin Ordinals with a permanent inscription and immutability on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The Bitcoin Cats NFT collection has been launched to honor Bitcoin’s spirit, permanence, and relaxed lifestyle, which cats are widely known for.

The aim of Bitcoin Cats, through the launch of its NFT collection, is to be able to create moments that are delightful for community members.

The idea behind all the developments is to make Bitcoin Cats a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem. It has been hinted to become the hub for fashion, gaming, AR/VR applications, the metaverse, and collectible figurines, to mention a few.


DWF Labs and Bitcoin Cats are a perfect fit for a partnership. DWF Labs has the reputation of being one of the best digital asset market makers. It is also identified as a multi-stage Web3 investment firm. Bitcoin Cats is looking forward to continuing the streak of bringing new elements to Bitcoin assets.

Most of it has been hinted to include staking, Play-to-earn, and farming, along with SocialFi. It is deepening its roots to build a gaming and entertainment ecosystem for the next generation across the EVM and Bitcoin networks.

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