Bitcoin Confidential Chooses SafeCoin as its First Listing

In its latest announcement, Bitcoin Confidential has revealed that it will have SafeCoin as the first listing on its platform. The news was shared with the crypto enthusiasts across the world through Twitter on 29th April 2019 with a tweet that read,

SafeCoin took to Twitter as well to make the announcement official saying they were proud to have the innovative, private and new Bitcoin Confidential on the platform of SafeTrade.

As the name suggests, Bitcoin Confidential is the latest crypto coin that is primarily focused on offering maximum confidentiality to the users. In order to offer these features, Bitcoin Confidential relies on the codebase of Bitcoin as well as Ring Confidential Signatures. Moreover, Bitcoin Confidential is a Proof of Stake digital currency.

Thanks to the implementation of the Ring Signatures protocol (RingCT), each transaction that takes place on the blockchain will hide not only the amount but also the sender and receiver. That will ensure all the information remains confidential yet verifiable for the purpose of validation.

SafeCoin, on the other hand, is also a digital currency which greatly emphasizes on the features of security and privacy. Launched in early 2018, SafeCoin has a maximum supply of 36 million coins. It is available for buying and selling on SafeTrade, a secure digital currency exchange platform, developed by the same team that has created SafeCoin.

SafeCoin is the primary trading pair on the exchange of SafeTrade. Crypto enthusiasts can easily buy leading cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, ZenCash, Bitcoin, and many more cryptos using SafeCoin.

What’s more is, Bitcoin Confidential is now available for trading for users on the SafeTrade exchange. For that, users can utilize any of its two trading pairs listed on the exchange,

  • BC (Bitcoin Confidential) and BTC (Bitcoin)
  • BC (Bitcoin Confidential) and SAFE (SafeCoin)


Roxanne Williams

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