Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Price Analysis: Just Hang in There! You Might Witness Good Days With BTG

Bitcoin gold is becoming a concern these days as the investors are switching their capital to the pioneers in the market. Many intraday investors are losing their capital in Bitcoin Gold. The only latest news or rather a question ascending in everyone’s mind is “Whether to continue investing in Bitcoin gold or not?”

The color of the coin keeps on changing. Even after sudden regressions in intraday activity, the coin is improving the value bit by bit.

Price analysis of Bitcoin Gold:

The current price of bitcoin gold is quoted at 24.81 USD at 8:36 UTC time May 27th, 2019. However, the rice is increasing if you evaluate this year chart, but the overall regression in the price till date has received the return of investment as -94.86%. The market rank of bitcoin gold is stationed at number 26 with a market cap value at USD 431,746,404 and 24-hour volume figure at USD 30,552,839.

The investors seem to be relaxing with the stable movement as of now, but till when it is going to continue with a bull caption?

BTG Price Comparison:

However, the coin is not falling below 20 USD from almost a week now, but that does not really mean it is going to be steady for a while.

Bitcoin Gold Chart

If you compare the figures from the 1st day of the month, when the value of bitcoin gold was 13.58, one can realize approximately 82% rise in the value as of today.

BTG Chart
But if you compared the statistics of the same date last year, you will analyze that the value has been decreased by 43%. If you compare the data of this year, the steady growth has been witnessed keeping the investors satisfied. But the data compared to last year, the coin will only showing the red ink pattern, which is a real concern now.

BTG Price Prediction:

However, nature is bullish, but the volatility of the coin is bringing the need for desperate decision for investors. But losing hope is not really going to help. The resistance of the coin is generally seen at 25 USD. And if the coin continues to reflect the bullish nature, it might hit the value up to 35 USD by the end of the year as per Bitcoin Gold price forecast. But be ready for some surges because Bitcoin gold shocks everyone at the end of each year.

And who knows, if the trend is steady, 2020 might state the value of BTG as 100 USD. So watch the trend closely and keep your eyes and ears open for any latest news on BTG.


Burning your fingers in Bitcoin gold is a good idea right now as the movement of the coin is realized upwards. For those who bought the coin last year, might need to keep some patience for the breakeven realization. One can buy fresh, as it does not seem to get rotten anytime soon. But the hiccups by the end of the year can change the picture as well. Make sure you are updated about every move in the trend.

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