Bitcoin in Walmart: chocolate cryptocurrency launched by Walmart

A lot of hullabaloos have been created regarding the drop in prices of cryptocurrency in this year. However, not everything is bleak for the most popular currency, Bitcoin. Recently, it appears as though it can be of some use for the transactions to take place in Walmart. Walmart has now launched Bitcoin made up of chocolate at the lowest price, that is, $1.This has been made possible through Frankford; Frankford is the manufacturer of Candy, it is based in Philadelphia. Not much is being said by Frankford or Walmart regarding this move, however, it is already being assumed that this is the further perpetuation of Bitcoin in the mainstream market.

Initially, the only way in which Walmart had been associated with the sector of cryptocurrency was through the means of an online store that gave information regarding virtual currency. Those who want to invest in this sector can buy the BTC through the means of Walmart; Walmart can act as an intermediary to bring about the transactions related to the virtual currency. There are also easier options available for the transfer of money that Walmart provides, one such option is Walmart2Walmart money transfer.


This is just one more effort by the corporate sector to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream market and to see to it that there is an enhanced awareness regarding the same in the market. There is also another patent which would allow Walmart to channel the energy of Bitcoin, however, the concept of Bitcoin chocolate targets a particular section of the market, that is, the target of this concept is the families as well as the children. This involves creating awareness regarding the sector of cryptocurrency. Virtual currency can be a complicated idea to deal with; Walmart is ensuring that it gets easier for the families to grasp the concept of a currency that is not tangible. This limitation of cryptocurrency leads to a lot of confusion. It is therefore advisable to keep up the efforts that could lead to increased consciousness regarding the dynamics of this yet nascent field.

Roxanne Williams

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