Bitwise states that smart Ethereum investors value real-world applications with cash flow, and Bitcoin Minetrix has both – Over $1.2M raised!

The largest crypto index fund manager in America, Bitwise Asset Management, recently stated that Ethereum investors value real-world applications with cash flow.

Following the launch of two of its ETFs on the CME exchange, the fund manager stated that the portfolio opportunity with Ethereum is broader than Bitcoin.

One project in particular is capturing the attention of smart Ethereum investors.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) recently crossed the $1.2 million milestone as investors rush to become early adopters in this Stake-to-Mine protocol with both cash flow and a real-world application.

America’s largest fund manager states cash flow for real-world applications are most valued

Hot off the release of two regulated futures ETFs, Bitwise stated that its research suggests that smart Ethereum investors value real-world applications with cash flow over bitcoin investments.

With Ethereum having millions of users and billions in revenue, Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley suggests that the portfolio opportunity with Ethereum is broader than Bitcoin due to its real-world application.

As a result, blue-chip brands like Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, Pepsi, and PayPal have headed to the Ethereum network to build applications on the blockchain.

The asset manager suggests that Ethereum exhibits characteristics of being a growth asset due to its increased usage through real-world applications and cash flows – making it a distinct asset in portfolios.

Therefore, Ethereum is starting to make more intuitive sense than Bitcoin for investors as the network continues to accrue fees through usage.

With that news, investors are hunting for newly emerging Ethereum-based products with real-world applications generating cash flow.

One in particular continues to go from strength to strength as it pushes beyond the $1.2 million fundraising milestone.

Bitcoin Minetrix hits both prerequisites for a great purchase from a smart investor – $1 million raised

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has both prerequisites mentioned by Bitwise as a great purchase from intelligent investors.

The smart investments are snowballing for this Stake-to-Mine ecosystem, pushing its presale beyond $1.2 million in fundraising in under two weeks.

Investors believe this staking ecosystem can potentially disrupt the cloud mining sector ahead of the next BTC block halving, generating enormous cash flow for investors.

Furthermore, by providing access to a real-world mining data center, Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has long-term utility for investors.

What is Bitcoin Minetrix’s real-world application?

Bitcoin Minetrix aims to transform the cloud mining landscape through its Stake-to-Mine mechanism.


It’s on a mission to make cloud mining accessible to the masses in a transparent way.

Cloud mining allows individuals to mine without purchasing or maintaining expensive mining equipment.

Instead, users can rent a portion of the computational power of dedicated mining centers, allowing them to earn $BTC.

However, many cloud mining companies exhibit shady practices, often leaving their miners short on earnings and locking them into long-term contracts.

Bitcoin Minetrix intends to change this through a transparent mining platform managed through smart contracts.

Bitcoin Minetrix Dashboard

Users buy and stake $BTCMTX tokens to earn Mining Credits.

These non-transferrable ERC-20 Mining Credits can be burnt for mining time in the Bitcoin Minetrix mining center.

The tokenization of the process of accessing cloud mining ensures that users stay in control of their funds at every process.

$BTCMTX can be unstaked and sold at any time, providing complete flexibility for investors.

The tokenization also removes the need to send cash to secure long-term mining contracts.

Furthermore, the smart contracts automatically manage all user allocations and payments, making the process completely transparent.

Where is the cash flow generated?

The cash flow for investors is generated in two ways.

First, users staking their $BTCMTX earn Mining Credits, which provide access to the mining center.

As a result, stakers can then start mining $BTC to generate a cash flow. Miners earn every satoshi of the $BTC they mine, ensuring they’re not left short on their earnings.

Secondly, those staking their $BTCMTX tokens also earn an APY return on their staking.

Currently, stakers are earning just beneath 500% APY;

BTCMTX stakingAlthough this return APY is expected to drop as more users enter the staking pool, the return is still very high compared to competitors in the proof-of-stake sector.

Through these mechanisms, investors in $BTCMTX earn a healthy and sustainable cash flow over the long term.

Buy today before presale prices skyrocket ahead of launch

The presale for Bitcoin Minetrix continues to snowball after raising $1.2 million in under two weeks.

Investors today are currently purchasing $BTCMTX for pennies at $0.011.

However, with just three days before the subsequent price increase, investors must be quick to get positioned at these discounted prices.

With over two-thirds of the total $BTCMTX supply being sold in the presale, investors significantly influence the project’s future without worrying about team tokens flooding the market.

Overall, with its ability to transform the mining industry ahead of the next block halving, it’s easy to understand why investors are rushing to get positioned in this revolutionary platform as early as possible.

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