Bitcoin mining difficulty set for another drop following FTX collapse

The resilience of Bitcoin miners is currently being tested, and miners anticipate a 5% drop in Bitcoin’s mining difficulty. Bitcoin mining refers to the process of creating and distributing Bitcoin for circulation. Mining difficulty is a metric that determines how hard it is for a miner to build a new block. 

The current trend represents the largest decline since the collapse of FTX in 2022, with Bitcoin’s mining layer freeing 7% of its resources. The SBF-induced catastrophic event had a drastic effect on every segment of the cryptocurrency industry.

Taras Kulyk, the founder and CEO of SunnySide Digital, a data center provider for the Bitcoin mining industry, stated that the 6% difficulty decrease is an economically rational response by global miners to the current hash price.

The rapid hash rate provides comfort to most global miners, and the decrease in Bitcoin mining difficulty is a positive development for North American miners. This will enable Bitcoin miners to increase their output, as Bitcoin mining is an energy-intensive process that utilizes specialized computers known as ASICs. Large miners of tomorrow will need to focus on operational efficiency as the Bitcoin halving event often coincides with a significant exodus of miners.

Large miners’ focus has shifted from increasing hardware purchases to increasing operational efficiency. It is anticipated that the hardware refresh cycle of yesteryear will continue in the future, too. This recent development coincides with Bitcoin’s price dropping to $15.5K during the FTX chaos. 

The new market trend signals the hash rate’s resilience amidst these fluctuations. The publicly traded mining community, whose market capitalization has exceeded $25 billion, will benefit from the difficulty adjustment. 

Marathon Digital, CleanSpark, Riot Blockchain, and Iris Energy are prominent among publicly listed Bitcoin miners. For those who prefer not to manage hardware and software directly, there are dedicated Bitcoin mining sites that simplify the process. These platforms are essential for their operations and have a demonstrated history of remarkable reliability.

Despite the fact that a number of cryptocurrencies are transitioning away from mining, Bitcoin mining continues to consume a significant quantity of electricity. Exceptionally powerful, feature-rich, and single-purpose processors are employed in the Bitcoin mining process. Bitcoin mining is a critical element of the ‘proof of work’ protocol in Bitcoin, ensuring that the funds are securely transferred to us when someone sends us Bitcoin.

It is widely recognized that Bitcoin, like other prominent blockchain networks, is decentralized. The Bitcoin mining process is accessible to anyone with access to sophisticated computer systems, and mining Bitcoin with a personal computer was not a significant issue during the early days of Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining, despite its complexity, has emerged as a fruitful endeavor that presents numerous prospects. For those interested in exploring this further, check out our comprehensive list of Bitcoin mining sites to find reliable and efficient platforms for your mining activities.


The most recent Bitcoin halving event took place in April 2024, and it is important to note that there are currently over 21 million Bitcoins in transactions. Bitcoin mining is permissible in the United States; however, it has been prohibited in certain countries, such as China. It is feasible to mine alternative currencies, such as Dogecoin and Litecoin, in addition to Bitcoin.

Harsh Chauhan

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