Bitcoin (BTC) Price has a Cushy Movement Crossing the Value $6700 from $6500 in a Single Day

Bitcoin price is moving in full inducement after the $6000 landmark; it was just with today’s daybreak that the light broke through all the resistances and crossed a $6500 price level. Important to highlight, within a few hours of Bitcoin value crossing $6500, it was priced at above $6700 leaving its investors to only focus on Bitcoin, Bitcoin price and Bitcoin movements out of all the potential investment avenues.

Bitcoin Price Projection at a Glance:

Bitcoin chart

As per the above Bitcoin graph by Trading view on the exchange of Coinbase, the current trading variables of Bitcoin price in cryptomarket as on 11th May at 9:05 UTC time are as follows:

Particulars Statistics
Price (USD) 6725.21
Market Capitalization 118,918,398,728 USD
24h volume 22,667,341,555 USD
Circulating Supply 17,693,875 BTC
Return on Investment 4856.38%

Here, it is vital to take note of Bitcoin price that went as high as $6900 just today after crossing $6700 for a due course and returned to linger around the mark above $6700. Currently, Bitcoin value seems to be unstoppable from any market variable influences that can have a short position while having a put option for its investors.

However, as per the contemporary market scenario and as per BTC forecast, the coin should take a relaxing spot for some time else the fall might be so tragic that the recovery will make Bitcoin lose its investors’ fidelity.


Irrespective of what the history of Bitcoin portrays, Bitcoin lovers and Bitcoin investors had an excellent start to the weekend and will have a pleasant time in the nearest days to come. Nonetheless, the unhurried movements of Bitcoin observed in the past month and Bitcoin graph this month is going to be totally different. $7000 price mark no longer seems to be the excited milestone for Bitcoin.

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