Bitcoin regains a dominance of more than 50% amid volatility

Bitcoin never precisely lost its dominance in the market but it did hover within the range of 44% and 53%. Its market cap has now pushed for a dominance that is well above 50%, 54% to be more specific. A reason why the market is taking note of this rise is because of the prevailing volatility in the market. Altcoins are gaining recognition and the altcoin season could commence anytime soon. There has been a reasonable shift back to Bitcoin ($BTC). This has not entirely mitigated the possibility of the re-emergence of altcoins.

The market cap of Bitcoin is above $1.2 trillion out of the collective set of $2.4 trillion. It drags BTC closer to 50% – yet, within the range.

Bitcoin’s market cap picked up 0.74% on its way in the last 24 hours despite a decline in the trading volume by 44.28 at the press time. The token has not been doing as expected. It is rallying at around $65,806.64, up by 0.75% in the last 24 hours. It further reflects a drop of 2.78% in the last 7 days and 1.54% in the last 30 days. The approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF has triggered speculation that it would soon surpass the milestone of $85,000. That limit has been pushed on the timeline and the target could come as early as the next 30 days.

Spot Ether ETF could be playing a spoilsport. There is rising speculation that the US SEC will soon give a green light to the ETF product of Ethereum ($ETH). That will begin attracting a larger portion of the fund flow. Many analysts expect the inflow to hover in billions of US Dollars. There is also an expectation that ETH could closely compete with the early phases of the Spot Bitcoin ETF.

The dominance of Bitcoin in April was 52.86% and around 50% in May this year. The last weekend has brought some life back to its dominance. Most of the trend graph is in line with Bitcoin’s future value predictions. It could end 2024 at $100,000, or $150,000.

Ethereum comes next on the list with a dominance of 18.4%. It has a market cap of over $441 million. Ethereum will take a lot of time to catch up to Bitcoin’s spot; however, there is still a possibility that it will one day surpass BTC in every possible sense. This can’t be confused with a guaranteed outcome, for it is merely a speculation.


The last 24 hours have seen ETH add more value to itself. The token has even outpaced Bitcoin in the last 7 days. While BTC has shed weight of 2.78% in a week, ETH has gained 2.76% in that time frame. The last 24 hours have seen Ethereum win the race by marking an uptick of 1.71%. BTC has been restricted to a growth of 0.81%.

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