Bitcoin sell-off triggers panic – Learn-to-earn project 99Bitcoins gaining traction

Bitcoin continues to experience price fluctuations in the days leading up to its April 19 halving event. After hovering around the $60,000 price mark, there is uncertainty over whether Bitcoin will retreat or surge to new highs. Sadly, Bitcoin has shorted below the psychological $60k zone, a –20% from its ATH, triggering panic among savvy investors. 

Technical analysis suggests that since Bitcoin breached this crucial level, a significant drop toward $52,000 becomes increasingly likely. On the sentiment side of the market, BTC investors wonder if the bull market has ended or if this sell-off is a mere price correction. 

Amidst the fear and uncertainty, a new project, 99Bitcoins, has steadily gained traction thanks to its Learn-To-Earn (L2E) initiative. This novel project offers learning and earning opportunities for interested individuals looking to score significant gains despite the market’s volatility. Today’s post shares more details about 99Bitcoins; get your wallets ready and dive into the innovative world of this L2E project.

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99Bitcoins: The future of crypto education

As we anticipate a new bullish market post-halving, there will be a massive onboarding of newbie traders and investors. Certainly, these users may need help navigating the crypto market and aligning themselves with the best bullish gems of 2024. This is where 99Bitcoins comes into play, ready to provide the best crypto education for all and the good part- earn alongside it.

99Bitcoins isn’t new to the crypto space, as it has been around since Bitcoin became mainstream in 2013. So far, the project has gained traction since then, providing nearly 3 million subscribers with the best crypto education. Now, the team has sparked a revolution by launching its native token, 99BTC, to incentivize the learning process. This ensures users earn while they take in knowledge and pass through levels of crypto education.

Within a few days of launching its 99BTC tokens, 99Bitcoins has garnered significant attention and investment from whale investors, thus positioning itself as the frontrunner in crypto education. Since the platform has been a credible source for everything crypto, new and seasoned traders have much to benefit from its Learn-to-Earn model.

Unlike the conventional education platform, users are empowered to actively earn crypto rewards simply by expanding their knowledge of blockchain. As they engage with 99Bitcoin’s library of interactive courses, learning modules, and tutorials, registered users acquire 99BTC tokens, which they can ultimately trade for cash.

Therefore, the more courses you complete, the more 99BTC tokens you accumulate, a powerful incentive for continuous learning and improvement. Additionally, the platform introduces a stake-to-earn initiative, which offers users the opportunity to lock their acquired 99BTC and earn passively. Right now, you can enjoy an Annual Percentage Yield of over 4,000%.

However, there is more to this learn-to-earn project than just transforming crypto education- it is set to integrate with BRC-20, the Bitcoin network. As 99BTC bridges to the BRC-20 standard, users can enjoy the Bitcoin network’s unparalleled security while exploring various new use cases and opportunities. Moreover, as Bitcoin gains strength, 99BTC mirrors such gains, providing significant returns for token holders and learners.

You are undoubtedly eager to get started with this project! Therefore, you should pay attention to the presale information below.

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Unveiling 99Bitcoins presale event and tokenomics

The enthusiasm surrounding 99Bitcoins innovative Learn-to-Earn approach and BRC-20 integration has led to an impressive performance in its presale event. Within days of launch, the 99BTC presale has already raised over $400,000 from early investors, offering an enticing entry point to participate in the project’s early stages. You are still early, though, as you can acquire 99BTC at a modest $0.00101.

To increase FOMO among investors, the team devised a multi-stage pricing structure for the presale, meaning 99BTC will increase as certain funding milestones are achieved. This tiered pricing has proved successful, as crypto whales are catching sight of this project and are ready to be a part of this project’s success.

99Bitcoins has set its presale hard cap at $11 million, a clear incentive for savvy investors to secure as many 99BTC tokens as possible before they eventually sell out. The project’s tokenomics highlight meticulous planning and strategy.

With only 99 billion 99BTC tokens available, the project team has allocated 10.5% for its presale. Also, staking rewards account for 14%, 17% is earmarked for community rewards, project funds receive 27.5%, 23% is dedicated to marketing, and 8% is for exchange liquidity.

99Bitcoin’s roadmap is filled with excitement. Users can claim tokens in the third quarter of the year, alongside the first DEX launch slated. The project will also target Centralized Exchange listings, release a beta platform, and successfully bridge to BRC-20. Users can expect a full platform launch in the coming year, accompanied by content expansion and effective collaborations.

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Bottom line

Despite the crypto market’s dominant asset, Bitcoin, failing to attain higher highs and breaching crucial support levels, there is panic in the air. While there is ongoing debate as to the future trajectory of Bitcoin, savvy investors are turning their attention to this innovative Lean-to-Earn project, 99Bitcoins.

As discussed in this post, this project aims to incentivize crypto learners with rewards and offer staking opportunities as they acquire 99BTC tokens. As it progresses in its presale, with crypto whales showing interest, 99Bitcoins stands ready to reshape the crypto education landscape. Now is the time to align with this project, as it is set to become the biggest platform of the year. Don’t miss out on its prospective investment returns.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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