Bitcoin Spark: Solana’s strongest competitor in the crypto arena

In any ecosystem, there must be competition to maintain steady growth and promote the development of quality offered to the clients. This also applies to the crypto community, and as a result, several improvements have happened over time. 

For instance, Bitcoin and Ethereum came then Solana, which garnered many enthusiasts worldwide. The new crypto entrant, Bitcoin Spark, will take over the industry by storm. The platform has set up some integration in its community to cope with challenges embedded in Bitcoin’s ecosystem. 

Will Solana survive?

Proposed by Anatoly Yakovenko in 2017 and then launched in 2020, Solana has always attracted global investors. The digital platform had a fantastic run in 2021 but slightly dropped due to the crypto winter experienced in 2022, which saw various digital currency firms, such as Celsius, file for bankruptcy. Whether the virtual platform will survive is yet to be known, as every crypto enthusiast is awaiting the imminent 2024 bull run. 

Where to buy Solana?

Being among the leading digital currencies, Solana is available in various centralized exchanges. Some of the digital currency exchanges include Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. Participants should always note the native token (SOL) when buying Solana. 

Bitcoin Spark is taking over Blockchain technology

Participants in distributed ledger technology have always sought a technology that promises decentralization, scalability, and transparency. A transparent project ensures the ecosystem’s development and promotes user security and accountability. Bitcoin Spark is the new crypto platform that is enhancing a quick adoption rate. 

Bitcoin Sparks aims to give crypto enthusiasts multiple means of generating passive income in the ledger technology. This means that participants will have the opportunity to earn income while they sleep. Two popular auditing firms, Vital Block and Cognitos, have conducted a comprehensive audit to ensure the platform’s transparency and accountability are legit. The reports of these audits are on the project’s white paper in the “Investor Security” section. 

Bitcoin Spark App

The platform has a unique and advanced consensus mechanism referred to as proof-of-process that presides over the operations in the ecosystem. Proof-of-process combines PoW and PoS to reward miners and validators while generating new blocks. 

The project supports low power usage during mining while confirming new blocks. In addition, the platform has a special algorithm that controls the linear distribution of rewards to both large-scale and small-scale miners. This means that miners and network validators will get standard rewards without an imbalance, as is the case with Bitcoin mining.

Being a first-generation digital network with many utilities, Bitcoin has had an immense journey capturing institutional and retail investors. Nonetheless, the network’s drawdowns, including a lack of smart contracts, high transaction costs, and low transaction speed, have led crypto participants to seek alternatives such as Bitcoin Spark. 

Virtual currency participants will have the advantage of lower transaction costs since Bitcoin Spark will reduce the time to generate a single block. In addition, reducing the time utilized in confirming a block will increase the transaction speed. 

The new Bitcoin fork has a smart contracting layer that will enable developers in the crypto community to utilize distinct programming languages, including Vyper and Solidity when developing decentralized applications. The platform has an intriguing roadmap that is well structured to give information about the project’s development. Bitcoin Spark is currently in its presale ICO phase 3.

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