Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Predictions: BSV Might Fall to All-Time Low if Bearish Trend Continues

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is the extended version of Bitcoin Cash where SV stands for Satoshi Vision. According to their website, the Bitcoin SV project is primarily backed by CoinGeek Mining with development work by nChain. Bitcoin SV came into existence on November 15, 2018, due to a split that occurred in Bitcoin Cash community. Scalability of the chain was a major problem for Bitcoin Cash, which BSV aims to tackle along with additional features including a high level of security, low transaction fees and convenience for miners and institutional investors. As soon as BSV came into existence, it traded around $200 level in the first month, however, soon stooped to the level of $39. Trading in BSV seems to be low right now, but according to analysts, this situation is going to change soon.

Bitcoin SVAccording to, on April 25, at UTC 09:34, Bitcoin SV (BSV) was trading at 52.95 USD. At the same time, it’s market capitalization was around 939,519,857 USD. Moreover, the Bitcoin SV’s last 24 hours trading volume was approximately 105,107,624 USD. Ranked at 14th position in the cryptocurrency ranking chart, Bitcoin SV’s Return on Investment (ROI) rate is -40.04%. Against Bitcoin, it was valued at 0.00974213 BTC per chip. On March 31, Bitcoin SV (BSV) was trading at 64.98 USD, since then it falls sharply and today after 25-days, it is trading at a loss of 22.7%.

Let’s have a look at historical fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin SV (BSV):

Time Period High Low
All-Time 243.79 USD
(Nov 14, 2018)
36.87 USD
(Nov 23, 2018)
Yesterday 56.36 USD 50.29 USD
7-days 60.91 USD 50.29 USD
30-days 95.14 USD 50.29 USD

Yesterday was almost a flat trading day for Bitcoin SV (BSV) as it opened at 56.33 USD and closed the day at 54.10 USD, with an intraday decline of 2.23 USD (-3.96%) with a cumulative trading volume of 122,432,498 USD.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Prediction:

If you look at the current market dynamics, investors seem to be disenchanted with Bitcoin SV (BSV), which may not be the case in the future. If Bitcoin SV developers prove to deliver on their promise, the situation will be better for them in the near future. And analysts too are optimistic regarding the price correction in the price of Bitcoin SV. Since the time of the split, there were a lot of а talks around BSV, and any were quite skeptical about its future prediction that it would end up becoming worthless. However, it survived the test of time and proved to be a high risk, high reward kind of altcoin. Besides coming back to the future aspect of the crypto, analysts suggest a bearish trend for Bitcoin SV for now. And its value might decline to an all-time low by the end of 2019. Since the speculations are a bit unpredictable, it is advisable to read more about Bitcoin SV price prediction before investing.

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