Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Following A Diminishing Staircase Pattern, Both Coins Are Hovering in a Range of 5%

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum Price Analysis

In the intraday trading on the other day, both coins have shown a declining trend. The cryptos have shown a bit of slowdown in the early hours of yesterday. The first drop in coins occurred at around 03:00 UTC where Bitcoin went down by 4.3% to the level of 10132.64 USD and Ethereum by 3.53% to the level of 186.68 USD. Afterward, until the first half of the day, cryptos keep fluctuating but didn’t make any significant changes.

BTC - ETH Price Prediction
BTC – ETH Price Chart

Then, Bitcoin declined by 2.67% to the level of 9865.68 USD and Ethereum by 3.47% to the level of 181.12 USD. From there, the duo has shown some strengthening and Bitcoin made a bounce-back of 3.71% and again crossed the $10k mark. Similarly, Ethereum hiked by 4.79% and touched the $189.94. But, that was not the end of the story. Another dip came in the coins which took down BTC price by 4.38% to 9751.63 USD. Similarly, ETH price made a dip of 3.48% to the trading price of 183.32 USD. What follows immediately is a strong bounce back and brought the digital coins at the current levels.

Current Statistics of Bitcoin & Ethereum:

Parameters Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin (BTC)
Price (USD) 186.08 9990.5
ROI 6,472.45% 7,247.42%
Market Rank 2nd 1st
Market Cap 19,991,888,551 USD 177,844,933,579 USD
24-Hour Volume 7,539,980,776 USD 18,494,702,266 USD
Circulating Supply 107,421,536 ETH 17,889,937 BTC
Price in BTC 0.01859393 NA

At current levels, making any long-term Bitcoin & Ethereum prediction is a tough choice. As of now, Ethereum faces immediate resistance at 195.05 USD and support at 180.71 USD. For Bitcoin, the immediate resistance is at 10,636.95 USD and support level at $9,800.93.

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