Bitcoin Vs. NEO: Bitcoin & NEO Share Similar Growth Pattern; NEO Possess Stronger Fundamentals as BTC

  • Bitcoin and NEO share a similar trend in price growth.
  • Both the coins have bullish medium-term outlook.

Bitcoin (BTC) has time and again proved its royalty by its massive gain movement in the market. After days of speculation and bullish movement, the coin has finally gone beyond 12,000 USD price mark. Experts also have tried to draw a similarity of Bitcoin’s growth pattern with many other altcoins. NEO seems to have been the best choice for that. Here is an analysis of the price movement pattern of both Bitcoin and NEO in the last 24 hours. Both the coins have a bullish medium-term as well as long-term outlook.

We should first look at the current details of the coin.

Bitcoin – NEO Price Statistics-

Bitcoin – NEO Price Statistics

26th June 08:56 UTC Bitcoin (BTC) NEO
Rank 1st 16th
ROI (Return on Investment) > 9000% > 9000%
Coin Circulation 17,781,200 BTC 70,538,831 NEO
Market Cap 224,903,335,778 USD 1,376,209,023 USD
Value in USD 12,609.47 USD 19.45 USD
All-Time High 20,089 USD 196.85 USD
24h Volume 31,480,112,718 USD 1,100,706,841 USD

Bitcoin – NEO Price Comparison-

NEO got a significant hike at around 08:50 UTC of 5.05% over the next 1 hour 14 minutes. And in that period Bitcoin experienced a fall 0f 3.26% between 11:19 UTC and 12:20 UTC. Both the coin experienced a hike in the price just after that. Bitcoin got hiked by 6.31% between 17:36 UTC and 00:50 UTC of today. And on the other hand, NEO experienced a hike of 8.85% starting from 13:29 UTC over the next 4 hours and 24 minutes. Soon NEO faced a fall of 3.54% between 21:23 UTC and 22:42 UTC.

Both the coin experienced a price triangle towards the starting of 26th June. Bitcoin got a hike of 9.46% from 02:26 UTC and 05:16 UTC. And this was followed by a fall of 4.50% that happened over the next 15 minutes. On a similar note, NEO got a hike of 9.71% between 22:42 UTC and 01:30 UTC. Neo also faced a dip of 8.40% in the next 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Bitcoin- NEO Price Prediction-

Both the coins have bullish medium-term outlook. Bitcoin is likely to be around 15,000 USD by in a few months from now and 20,000 USD by the end of the year. And NEO may get around 25 USD to 30 USD by this year’s end. Both the coins are likely to show many steep and unprecedented price variations that may test the patience of the investors.


As per the above NEO coin price prediction, we can see a similar if not exact growth path in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin has been impacting many other coins by its bullish run as well as bearish crawl. As per the current trend, buying both Bitcoin and NEO would be a prudent decision as Neo registers a greater growth in comparison to Bitcoin in the past 24 hours.

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