Bitcoin vs. Ripple: Bitcoin (BTC) Crosses $9800, Ripple (XRP) Moves Towards $0.450

Bitcoin is moving in its own speed. The coin crosses $9800 and will soon touch $10,000. The momentum of the coin is ideal. The marketers are awestruck with the movement in BTC price. The current scenarios have opened gates for more speculations and anticipations.

Ripple is also affected by Bitcoin’s tremendous upsurge. The coin is also walking up in the price chart. The investors are hopeful that the coin might cross $0.450 in coming days. Well, the expectation seems achievable if the coin continues with the present momentum.

Current Statistics of Bitcoin and Ripple:

Particulars Bitcoin Ripple
Price (USD) $9,811.29 $0.443526
Market Capitalization $174,361,376,265 $18,850,709,034
24hr Volume $20,126,692,495 $1,463,587,905
Circulating Supply 17,771,512 BTC 42,501,950,124 XRP
Return on Investment (ROI) 7,151.50% 7,450.87%

BTC vs. XRP 3-month price comparison chart:

The chart is taken from TradingView on 21st June 2019, at 10:44:45 UTC for price comparison:

BTC VS XRP Price Chart - 21 JuneThe chart is reflecting growth in both the cryptocurrencies. The price momentum in Ripple and Bitcoin was almost the same at the beginning of the month. When Bitcoin climbed from $4182.2 to $5254.8, giving an impression of 25.65% growth, Ripple could only move forward by 18.48% from $0.316 to $0.374. Further, BTC continued to rise, whereas XRP experienced a downfall in the chart. The Major hike in XRP took place on 15th May, when price climbed from $0.323 to $0.475, marking a progression of 48.50%. Bitcoin kept moving upward, but Ripple experienced some bumps in the road. Bitcoin is presently dealing at $9807, and Ripple is at $0.445.

Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Bitcoin is touching unexpected counters with every passing minute. The assumptions about the coin are going up like the price of the coin. The currency is now expected to touch $12,000 in the coming months. So, click here and stay tuned with us for more information about Bitcoin future price and keep yourself updated.

Ripple is also expected to rise. The coin might touch $0.50 by the end of 2019. The investors can go for both the coins as they are anticipated to rise in the coming months.

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