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Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Both Bitcoin (BTC) & Ripple (XRP) Are On A Slippery Slope; Lost Significantly Overnight

  • Bitcoin loses 6.5% whereas Ripple is down by 1.43% in the last 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin has a higher chance of turning around its situation than XRP.

There has been a blood bath for Bitcoin and Ripple over the last 24 hours. And this time, Bitcoin seems in a worse position than Ripple. Bitcoin has lost almost 6.5% in this period whereas Ripple is down by 1.43%. Both the coins may have to go through this deluge for some more days before seeing the sunshine. Here are the current details of both the coins.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Statistics-

14th August 06:41 UTCBitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
ROI (Return on Investment)7,751.38%4,912.29%
Coin Circulation17,875,437 BTC42,890,708,341 XRP
Market Cap189,997,442,166 USD12,690,085,684 USD
Value in USD10,570.00 USD0.2950 USD
All-Time High20,089 USD3.84 USD
24h Volume18,175,415,614 USD864,688,820 USD

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Comparison-

BTC - XRP Price Prediction
BTC – XRP Price Chart

Bitcoin has significantly been devalued over the last 24 hours. Between 07:42 UTC and 14:33 UTC, it started weakening and went from 11,357 USD to 10,875 USD. The second swing came as another cut in the price when the coin went through a price correction between 16:05 UTC and 02:03 UTC of today. This swing deducted 435 USD from the coin. Since 02:00 UTC, the coin has shown an overall growth by a slight margin, and it is currently being traded near 10,572 USD.

Similarly, XRP opened the day with a cut in the value by 1.19%, which took the coin from 0.2987 USD to 0.2952 USD by 10:29 UTC. After a few hours of strengthening, it again showed a cut by 2%, and this time the coin was at its lowest of the day at 0.2920 USD. However, this was followed by a phase of the coin’s increased valuation against USD. By 00:16 UTC of today, the coin was being traded at 0.2976 USD. From there it is on an overall slump, and it is currently hovering at 0.2950 USD.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Prediction-

Bitcoin might be in trouble now, but soon it is going to bring a turnaround. Bitcoin is expected to reach 15,000 USD by the end of this year. However, Ripple’s outlook doesn’t seem to be as strong as Bitcoin. The details of the resistance and support levels of both the coins are as follows.

 Bitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance11267.14333 USD0.300690667 USD
2nd Resistance11638.45667 USD0.304742333 USD
3rd Resistance11856.86333 USD0.308306667 USD
1st Support10677.42333 USD0.293074667 USD
2nd Support10459.01667 USD0.289510333 USD
3rd Support10087.70333 USD0.285458667 USD



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