Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Both Coins are Escalating above Baseline as of Today

Bitcoin price was initially seen trading at the lower value of $9575 on 24th July at 04:26 UTC. The value increased by 3.59% on the same day at 15:09 UTC with a trading value of $9916.15. In the next one hour at 16:18 UTC, the value dropped by 3.7% with trading value at $9536.44. Today at 01:16 UTC, BTC price escalated by 6.69% with a trading value of $10180.17. As of now, the value is dropped slightly by 0.88% from then.

25th July at 09:32 UTC Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
Market Rank 1 3
Return of Investment (ROI) 7361.01% 5316.67%
Coin Circulation 17,836,625 BTC 42,832,704,971 XRP
Market Cap 180,056,209,421 USD 13,627,945,554 USD
24 Hour Volume 17,442,276,462 USD 1,281,336,808 USD
Value in USD 10084.49 0.3191
All-Time High 20,089.00 USD 0.002802 USD

Bitcoin-Ripple Price Comparison:

Bitcoin Vs. Ripple Price Chart - 25 JulySimilarly, the lower value of Ripple was initially realized on 24th July with a trading value of $0.3045. The value escalated by 4.57% at 15:00 UTC trading at $0.3184. Similarly, like BTC, the value of XRP dropped by 2.67% at 16:15 UTC with a trading value of $0.3098.

The value today at 00:37 UTC was escalated by 4.32% trading at $0.3237. As of now, the value saw a slight drop by 1.5% from then.

BTC-XRP Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Currently, it is realized that Bitcoin is trading under the bearish zone, which means that this might be a good time for new or existing traders to ‘buy’ coins for future returns.

Similarly, the XRP price is trading in the bearish zone.

However, you might want to consider the resistance and support levels for a safer bidding choice for BTC-XRP valuation as:

Resistance Support Level BTC XRP
R3 10,236.87 0.331048
R2 10,072.84 0.32376
R1 9,942.38 0.319853
Pivot Point 9,778.35 0.312565
S1 9,647.89 0.308658
S2 9,483.86 0.30137
S3 9,353.4 0.297463

Bitcoin is generally volatile in nature, and thus it requires a keen look at the trade every day, but well BTC had surprised us all the time. And with 2019 approaching, we might see the value fluctuating at $15000 too! Well, that will surely call for a celebration! Here, get more details about Bitcoin prediction on the forecast page.

And hopefully, we might see the touchdown valuation of Ripple at $0.75 by the end of 2019.

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