Bitcoin vs. Ripple: BTC and XRP Fail to Gain Big; Turnaround May Take Time

  • Bitcoin is up by 0.5% and has maintained itself above 10,000 USD whereas Ripple lost 0.91%.
  • No quick recovery is brewing for both the coins.

Bitcoin has shown some degree of strengthening over the last 24 hours and it has been up by 0.5% only. Check out our Bitcoin future value predictions and find more details!

On the other hand, Ripple is yet to start recovery and it has lost 0.91% in the last 1 day. Both the coins have shown four major price shifts in this period.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple Price Analysis

Bitcoin had its first fall for the day between 00:16 UTC and 06:50 UTC and this fall cost the coin 357 USD. It was followed by a hike of 2.61% which took the price of BTC at 10,120 USD by 11:15 UTC. The next swing was a dip in the value by 1.85% and it deducted 187 USD from the coin. The last swing for the day happened between 16:06 UTC and 00:08 UTC today, and this hike added 269 USD and it had a break on 21:51 UTC at 10,168.87 USD.

Similarly, Ripple also started the day with a plunge of 3% and it cost the coin 0.0078 USD. The next swing was an addition of value by 1.24% and it placed the coin at 0.2553 USD by 11:09 UTC. It was followed by a fall of 1.54% and this took 0.0039 USD away from the coin to push it to 0.2514 USD. Later, the coin could stand up and reach 0.2558 USD after a 1.74% gain by 00:02 UTC, today.

BTC vs. XRP Price Chart

BTC Vs XRP Price ChartBitcoin and Ripple are two of the major coins of the market. The two coins have been constantly managing attraction from the wide user’s base. The short-term of the coin may not see any unprecedented growth but the medium-term outlook of the two coins may get bullish.

Resistance & Support Levels Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance $10269.28667 $0.259391667
2nd Resistance $10360.20333 $0.262827333
3rd Resistance $10504.45667 $0.265822667
1st Support $10034.11667 $0.252960667
2nd Support $9889.863333 $0.249965333
3rd Support $9798.946667 $0.246529667

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