Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: BTC and XRP have Shown a Bit of Stability & Expected to Trade Flattish

  • Few updates on Bitcoin includes: Miniscript launch, Bitcoin Core version 0.18.1 released, hash rate over 84,000,000 TH/s and BTC is made tax free in Portugal.
  • Ripple Net, with the help of Xendpay, is opening new frontiers to enable migrant workers, students, and small businesses to transfer money across borders.

Current Statistics of BTC – XRP (On September 02 at UTC 09:56):

Parameters Ripple (XRP) Bitcoin (BTC)
Price (USD) 0.2546 9787.29
ROI 4,254.87% 7,114.59%
Market Rank 3rd 1st
Market Cap $10,995,401,224 $174,834,674,760
24-hrs Volume $804,605,137 $11,807,301,333
Circulating Supply 42,984,656,144 XRP 17,910,937 BTC
Price in BTC 0.00002614 NA

BTC – XRP Price Comparison:

XRP - BTC Price Prediction
XRP – BTC Price Chart

On August 08, Bitcoin was trading around $11898.11 while Ripple was valued around $0.3081. However, today after 25-days, both the coins have shown a substantial amount of decline. Bitcoin has made a dip of 17.74%, while Ripple slowed down by 17.36%. In the last 7-days of trading, the duo had gone further down where BTC has slowed down by 5.38% from its trading price of $10,358.18 on August 27. In a similar way, XRP dropped by 5.6% from $0.2701, at the same time duration.

BTC – XRP Price Prediction:

If you look at the intraday action in the coins, both have been a bit sluggish where BTC has moved a bit in the green zone, XRP moved toward the red zone. As of now, Ripple faces immediate resistance at $0.27 and support at $0.24. For Bitcoin, the immediate resistance is at $9,842 and support level at $9,628.


If you look at both the chains, they are working hard and moving at a stable pace. The news regarding both the coins is also consolidating. It is the crypto market, which is having an overall bearish phase right now. However, one will surely get a good return from these coins after the market correction.

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